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“They want to chuck him out of the franchise” Colin Cowherd believes Lakers are trying to shatter the image of Russell Westbrook

NBA analyst Colin Cowherd believes that the Lakers organization are trying to force Russell Westbrook out of the team.

Colin Cowherd, Russell Westbrook

It seems more and more likely that Russell Westbrook will begin the 2022–23 season as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers with each passing week of this summer. According to Colin Cowherd, the Lakers want to remove Westbrook and he claimed that even though the team wants to get rid of him, they are humiliating and undermining him instead. For the past several weeks in particular, they have been seeking to move him, most notably for Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets, but absolutely nothing has materialized. If Westbrook stays with the Laker, the team’s best chance of redeeming the situation is to use him as a sixth player off the bench.


The 2021–22 Los Angeles Lakers season was almost as bad as it could have been. For better or worse, Russell Westbrook was one of those who continued to face pressure after receiving more criticism for this. Russ needs to understand where he stands with the Lakers. This season was a nightmare for him, and it was bad for the entire series. After another season with him, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis, all signs lead to the same result. As a result, down the stretch of games, the nine-time All-Star and leader in career triple-doubles may come off the bench.

Russell Westbrook and his dismal efforts for the Lakers

After experiencing his worst season to date, Russell Westbrook, who will be donning the purple and gold for the second consecutive season, could be looking for redemption. On 44.4 percent shooting this season, Westbrook averaged 18.5 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 7.1 assists. He took on the majority of the responsibility for the Lakers’ misfortunes despite shooting a dismal 29.8 percent from the perimeter and 66.7 percent from the charity line. Unrelenting criticism and heckles for Brodie’s shortcomings were directed at him on social media. Although they are working to trade him out, the Lakers front management is half confident in the nine-time All-Abilities Star.


Given that he signed a player option worth $47 million, Westbrook’s future with the Lakers is uncertain. Westbrook has been the subject of many trade rumors after a terrible debut with the Lakers a year ago. Westbrook left UCLA as a sophomore in 2008 and was chosen by the Oklahoma City Thunder with the fourth overall choice in the NBA Draft from the Seattle Supersonics. After Westbrook made the decision to join the Lakers, it was widely believed that he and LeBron James would be the exceptional team combo. However, due to the team’s 33-49 record and play-in elimination seeing the hype disappear, things didn’t proceed as anticipated.

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Colin Cowherd’s latest comments on Westbrook

According to Cowherd, the team considers Westbrook to be toxic and wants to cut ties with him as a result. The Brodie is a bench player and cannot be a starter on a good NBA club today, according to Cowherd. The analyst claims that the Lakers are hoping that he would decide to skip training on his own and want to depart. He said: “They want him out of the franchise. They are trying to humiliate him or marginalize him and for him to go, ‘I’m not showing up. I’m out!” They think he’s too toxic. I, by the way, do not think he’s a starter for a decent NBA team anymore”.

One would assume that Westbrook would be at the gym focusing on improving his game after a terrible NBA season. There are rumors that he is more committed to his off-court business than to his basketball career, though. Naturally, Westbrook has done a great deal over his 13-year NBA career. He has received several All-Star selections, been awarded the Most Valuable Player, and even broken triple-double records but h e has not yet, nevertheless, earned a title. Russell Westbrook will have the opportunity to prove himself in Los Angeles throughout the upcoming season.

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