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“Booker is a 2 and Chris Paul is limited”: Colin Cowherd blasts Suns marquee duo after failing to close out Mavs in semi-finals

Chris Paul, Devin Booker and Colin Cowherd

Colin Cowherd recently made it to the NBA headlines as he discussed the Phoenix Suns’ embarrassing 33 points blowout loss against the Dallas Mavericks in Game 7 of the western conference semi-finals. The series was closely contested and head to head but the results are very unexpected as the fans who thought to get a fierce battle between the two teams spectated complete domination by the Mavericks. Colin Cowherd most of the time has been riding the Chris Paul bus even though he was critical sometimes but after their recent elimination, he has just accepted some of the unfortunate facts and has also added to them.


The Phoenix Suns hosted the Dallas Mavericks at Footprint Center for Game 7 of the series. A do-or-die situation for both the teams and the Suns didn’t live up to the expectations as they had a bad night shooting the ball and defending the godlike Luka Doncic who outscored the whole team in the first half himself. The final box score stands at 123-90 favoring the Dallas Mavericks. Chris Paul in the game had a +/- of -39 the worst of his career. He was also limited to only 10 points, 4 assists, and 1 rebound in the game. Devin Booker also dropped only 11 points, 2 assists, and 3 rebounds.  So Colin Cowherd’s criticism for the marquee duo is very fair as they not only disappointed him but their whole fan base.

Chris Paul

Colin Cowherd in his critical take focused on the duo and stars of the franchise. He also gave away some suggestions to the Phoenix Suns which they can think about during their time in the offseason. The Phoenix Suns surely have to work on their defensive end and get someone mobile enough to run the offensive end along with Devin Booker as Colin Cowherd thinks he’s 2 and a good 2.

Devin Booker

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Colin Cowherd on the Phoenix Suns loss against the Dallas Mavericks

Colin Cowherd

Colin Cowherd started his critical take and quoted: “The Basketball Gods are a cruel bunch and they have rendered their decision on Chris Paul. ‘You will not be winning any titles… The great thing about losing to great teams and great players and the Mavericks aren’t a great team but Luka is a great player… Great creates clarity…Luka showed you the truth Devin Booker is a 2 a good two but two. Mikal Bridges has quite hit the ceiling. Deandre Ayton is not of much use when you trail behind and need threes. Chris Paul is 37 he’s old. Phoenix needs to take a huge swing and they should thank Luka for that… If I am Phoenix, I let Deandre Ayton walk and get an elite scorer… probably limit Chris Paul’s minutes.”

Colin Cowherd didn’t hold back in the Suns and said it all out while targeting Chris Paul and Devin Booker called one as the two and the other one as the limited one. He also suggested the Suns to go for a big swing and think about changing it all while comparing Luka Doncic with LeBron James and how the road is nothing but tough for the Suns. Colin Cowherd also gave them the most important advice at the end which was to learn something from the disappointing experience they had this season.

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