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“He couldn’t let Nike lose $6 Billion from China” Communist regime shuts down LeBron James and sports leagues with major allegations 

LeBron James

On one hand where stars like Enes Kanter Freedom have been pouring out hate on China for variety and majority of reasons, stars like LeBron James have often maintained their silence. It is not an unknown fact that sports are considered a form of escape for many all around the globe. On the same note, the LA Lakers superstar might be ill-informed on certain matters of politics, but he also has the civic duty to run a multi-million dollar school that empowers underprivileged kids.  


Many feel that LeBron James is a big-time hypocrite and this has in-turn showed just why he has never been evident on speaking against China. How LeBron called out Daryl Morey is known to all, perhaps some regard that particular incident just the reason how and why Bron stands for what is right according to him, and not for the society. That being said, for a country like China, who has strong communist ties, they know how to play the game of capitalism. It is not just the NBA, but also other leagues.

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LeBron James, NBA are a silent spectator when it comes from China 

LeBron James

Now to bring everyone on the same page, when Houston Rockets’ general manager Daryl Morey tweeted his support for Hong Kong protesters in October 2019, China responded by blocking NBA broadcasts for 18 months. A heavy revenue loss for the NBA, and they have been silent about all the misdemeanours from that moment. 

Daryl Morey

It is understandable from a business perspective because the league stands to lose hundreds of millions of dollars, $750 million to be precise, by the year 2025. That is the estimated amount that is being projected in terms of total revenue from one country alone. On the same note where LeBron James has always stood for what is ‘RIGHT’ for the people in the country and all around the world, he surely has kept his mouth shut when it comes to matters in and around China. So, just it justifies the claim of LeBron being a hypocrite?

Adam Silver

This puts a lot of players with a moral compass in a dilemma – play without raising concerns and be a sell-out, or raise their voice, to lose their only source of revenue. It is indeed safe to say, that if any stern stance has to be taken, it should start from the very first step, which is Adam Silver.

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