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“Are women really equal to men in America?” Dave Chappelle cites LeBron James as his target while highlighting how NBA is gender biased

Read and know more about Dave Chappelle’s joke on LeBron James changing his gender.

David Chappelle and LeBron James

LeBron James and David Chappelle are back in the NBA and WNBA headlines as the comedian’s joke on King James has resurfaced on the internet. Like every other set of his, even this one was very funny and had everyone in the room cracked up. But the motive behind firing a shot at LeBron James and bringing his gender into the conversation was to throw light on the problems faced by Trans Athletes and he also detailed his view on the thought of “Women being equal to Men” via that one joke of his.

LeBron James- IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

LeBron James is a global superstar and everyone around most of the corners has an idea about the King and many also claim him to be the Greatest of All Time. So David Chappelle using his name, is understandable and makes complete sense. Many first criticized the comedian as they thought he crossed the line and such things shouldn’t be said. But with time passing by folks around understood what he really wanted to convey.

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Dave Chappelle’s on LeBron James changing his gender

Dave Chappelle was attacked while on stage at the “Netflix is a Joke” event

Dave Chappelle on his Netflix special “Sticks and Stones“ threw a very offending joke and the mentions in it were LeBron James, WNBA, NBA and the transgender community. All such jokes of his have a purpose. Many people don’t know but such things really matter to him as even he is a strong and loud voice out there who’s committed to making things better for everyone.

So trying to throw the attention at the real issues via LeBron James, Dave Chappelle quoted: “Say LeBron James changed his gender. You know what I mean? Can he stay in the NBA or because he’s a woman does he have to go to the WNBA where he will score 840 points a game. What does it actually mean to be equal you know what does it mean? Like if women are actually equal to men there would be no WNBA. They would just be good enough to play in the NBA with us. Or here is another idea that can be very controversial, you could shit the fu*k up.”

LeBron James

Many won’t get it at first and just laugh it out as it has fired a shot at LeBron James. But honestly, it’s got some real depth and is way more serious than we think. Chappelle talked about being equal while focusing on a lot many other problems which are existing for decades now. The question he raised can’t really be answered but all of us should collectively really try to make such situations better. But it would be a tough road as still there are no clear rules out for transgender athletes and we can’t just make those.

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