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“OFFICIALLY BACK” Devin Booker buries all claims of breakup with Kendall Jenner after being spotted in public together

Read further to know about Devin and Kendall's break-up rumors.

Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner

The breakup rumors of Phoenix Suns star player Devin Booker and Hollywood supermodel Kendall Jenner have been going around for a long time. Even though the couple never officially announced their breakup, they had a very hush-hush second anniversary. They also deleted each other’s pictures from their respective Instagram handles. Everyone took these signs, will suppose to be a break-up for the star couple. But recently, the couple was spotted hand in hand getting out from a well-known restaurant.

Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner

Devin and Kendall were seen attending a familiar friend’s wedding until recently. The couple posted photos of each other’s social media handles, captioning ‘miss you in some of the images. Even though when it seemed like the duo must have broken up, they might have been able to maintain a close friendship with the hopes of keeping their relationship on track. Many photos of the couple vacationing in different parts of the country have also gone viral.

Recently, GQ sports have captured a few clicks of Devin and Kendall on their date night. The star player dressed casually in a white full sleeves t-shirt and blue baggy denim pants. Kendall usually looked gorgeous in what seemed to be a black bralette and leather pants with a pair of high heels for the company. The couple seemed to have enjoyed their time together as they always make it a point to maintain enough privacy. This picture totally put an end to their breakup rumors.


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Can Devin Brooker lead the Phoenix Suns to a title win?

Phoenix Suns Team

With the NBA 2022-2023 season just around the corner, all teams are sweating it hard to build a championship-winning rooster to gather their hand on the Larry O’Brien trophy. With the likes of star players like Devin Brooker and Chris Paul, they have added the services of D. Washington Jr. and are still looking to improve and they are strong contenders to make a remarkable season for themselves.

But the onus will be on the pair of Brooker and Chris Paul to carry the team’s hopes and make it to the finish line. The young guns will also be eager to go rearing for this upcoming season. The management has also put in the hard yards to try and create a champion team. Only time will tell how this season fairs for the Phoenix Suns.

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