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Draymond Green slaps Patrick Beverley with harsh reality check over Chris Paul slander 

Green went onto suggest that Pat Bev did not do himself any favor by going onto this particular tirade. 

Patrick Beverley, Draymond Green and Chris Paul

It is indeed safe to say, that Patrick Beverley has made himself loud and clear all around the world of NBA. With not only analysts talking about the Minnesota Timberwolves guard’s diss over Chris Paul, there have been current and former players too joining the banter. The latest to add to it is Golden State Warriors marquee Draymond Green, who shares huge respect for/with both these spoken off personnel. 

Chris Paul and Patrick Beverley

On the latest episode of his Draymond Green Show, the former DPOY went onto suggest that Beverley did stand by his words, but it surely could have been presented in a batter way. Moreover, Green went onto suggest that Pat Bev did not do himself any favor by going onto this particular tirade. 

What was opinionated by Draymond Green? 

Draymond Green

“I respect him standing on what he said. I just think it did him a huge disservice in showing what he’s capable of from the TV side because that immediately became what it was about,” Green said. “It became more about Patrick Beverley talking about Chris Paul, than about ‘Man, Patrick Beverley is actually breaking the game down and telling us things that most people can’t just see and make out.’” 


Draymond Green who himself is the host of a highly successful podcast, thinks that this was not the right move from Beverley. The Warriors star believes that Beverley had some good insight about the game, but that it was overshadowed by his attack on CP3.

Patrick Beverley

I’ve seen more than just the Chris Paul stuff, and I actually think he’s said some good things,” said the Warriors vet. “There’s been times on there where he was very particular in breaking things down, he went in-depth on things. So I think people can really learn some things from listening to Patrick Beverley.” 

Draymond Green of Golden State Warriors

With Bev surely being aware of Green’s take by now, it will be interesting to see how he responds. Given that the former surely doesn’t tend to hold back against anyone? Will there be Green vs Beverley drama to follow? Remains to be seen.

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