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“He’s pole apart from his father” Draymond Green’s son adorably plays hide and seek during father’s press conference

Draymond Green Jr and his adorable feat goes viral whilst the former DPOY tries to give his post-game interview.

Draymond Green with his son

The celebrations for the Golden State Warriors began after defeating the Grizzlies in Game 6. the plate of celebrations that the Warriors’ served the bay area, was incomplete until the post-game interview. Dray Jr garnished the the plate with his cuteness. Draymond Green’s son Dray Jr. gave the media a nugget of cuteness as he played hide-and-seek, behind the desk on the podium, while the Warriors’ star answered questions at the post-game press conference.

Draymond Green Jr with dad

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Draymond Green Jr goes viral for his cuteness

Draymond in the interview was answering the question of a media personnel regrading the Grizzlies’ dominance in majority of the quarters in the last few games. Whilst daddy Green was busy answering the questions, the younger Green stuck his head above the table to sneak a peek at the media members in attendance then quickly ducked back under the table.

Dray Jr and his innocent act of peeking over the table and then retreating to his hiding spot, pulled some of the attention away from the serious game discussion that the Dubs’ star was engaged in.

Draymond has shown his polar opposite side when he is with his children. Draymond on court is a cold-blooded with his merciless steals, blocks and passes, dunks at the offensive end. But he has also shown his softer side, as an extremely caring father. Dray Jr. Has made appearances previously too on the Warriors’ bench.  He is considered a part of the team as he shares hi-fives, and hands out equipment and towels for players on the bench.

Dray Jr. has been spotted at the team practice facility and locker room as well. Playing the part of a ball boy, the five-year old has found himself company and love among some of the most talented players in the world.

Game 6 saw eruption by Warriors’ late in 4th quarter. Their incredible performance was pulled off by  the likes of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, who led the offensive charge, Kevon Looney with the intangibles and hustle on the rebounding and defensive end added up to made the difference.

In Game 6 too, Draymond Green continued to display how crucial he is to the Warriors’ success by putting up 14 points, 15 rebounds and eight assists for the game. Green’s role and imapct was felt at both ends of the floor.

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