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“It’s an incredible story” Flau’jae Johnson and Togethxr Media inspire the masses with their project “Fenom”

Flau'jae Johnson becomes a growing sensation as Togethxr Media releases a documentary series on her story

Flau’jae Johnson, a budding rapper who became famous for her extremely gifted skill. He made an appearance of the hit show Americas Got Talent to showcase her capabilites and became a global star. Much like several others, she had to work hard to achieve her platform among society.

Flau’jae Johnson

The 18-year made a name for herself in the music industry but slowly transitioned into an athlete over the last few years. She currently plays for the LSU Tigers and competes in the NCAA. She is very impressive offensively and is set to become one of the highest paid female college athletes.

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Txgether Media releases a five part documentary series on Flau’jae Johnson

Founders of Togethxr Media

Much like NBA Superstar LeBron James‘ company Springhill Entertainment, several profound athletes joined forces to uplift women in sports as well as in society. Alex Morgan, Chloe Kim, Simone Manuel, and Sue Bird launched Togethxr back in March 2021. The NCAA superstar became one of their main subjects of interest.

They released a five part documentary series on Flau’jae Johnson as a part of their project titles Fenom. This project is to uplift the names of budding talents across the world. The company’s essence revolves around the empowering of women by releasing content and ideas via their perspective. Alex Morgan said, “It’s an incredible story,”  with regards to Johnson’s series.

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Togethxr becomes a global success in the media industry

Flau’jae Johnson

Soon after the release of Flau’jae Johnson’s story, the media group became a viral success. They gained a lot of social attention and support from their followers across several platforms. They gained over 1.8 millions followers on tik tok as a result of their unique approach.

Legendary WNBA player Sue Bird, who is one of Togethxr’s representatives said, “In life we try to stay away from cliches, but sometimes it just fits: This is like lightning in a bottle. It happened so naturally. The engagement we’ve seen on social media is wild. It’s not just followers, it’s the actual engagement. People are connected to this brand.” The group strives to make a change for women in society.

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