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“LeBron James OWNS the NBA” Iman Shumpert glories 4x Champion as the greatest of all time

Former NBA veteran Iman Shumpert chooses LeBron James over Kobe Bryant as the most skilled player he shared the court with

LeBron James gets praised for his work by many players he has shared the court with. One of them is Iman Shumpert who admitted the King was the best the ever do it. In an interview with Vlad TV, he was asked about Kobe Bryant and the “Mamba Mentality” he possessed.

Kobe Bryant and Iman Shumpert

But when Shumpert asked if Kobe was the best player he had shared the court with, he disagreed. “No, the best player that I’ve played with, was LeBron. Now, when I pick greats and I do my lists of who is better… I usually have this thing, once you get to the top of the top… you’re really just picking in your opinion… and what you like to see.”

He further commented, “As far as somebody that can do everything, everything… like every statistic that you got, he can do. And if you really go back and look at it and you say he can’t shoot and you look at actual number. Your argument is not so supportive.” He went on to say even if Bron messed, he always made up for it tenfold.


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Former NBA veteran claims LeBron James lacks no skill

Iman Shumpert on LeBron James

Shumpert would go on to say,“The most skilled offensive player I’ve had to deal with, cool, Kevin Durant… But you got an issue if Bron really wanna guard you… he can really do everything.” LeBron James is just few steps away from solidifying his greatness. But sometimes this statement is challenged by many people despite the amount of success the King has had in the NBA.

Soon to be 38 years old, this man has dominated the league since 2003 and has almost never had a bad season individually. Setting aside all the issues he has had with the Los Angeles Lakers, as an individual superstar, Bron continues to sore on different heights each season.

Last season, he took all the weight on his shoulders averaging 30.3 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 6.2 assists per game. These numbers are nearly to achieve at his age, but what comes ahead in him securing the top spot on the all time scoring list. The 2022-23 Season will be a blockbuster year for James, that is for sure. Despite all judgements or shortcomings, he has done enough to prove to the he is the GOAT.

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