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“Watch me throw that L on your face” JA Morant and Patrick Beverley exchange ‘too small’ taunts on back-to-back plays

All-Star guard JA Morant brings the third victory for the Grizzlies after a thrilling game against the Timberwolves.

Patrick Beverley and JA Morant

It’s common between Grizzlies guard JA Morant and Timberwolves guard Patrick Beverly to have trash talking but we saw something rare during Game 5 when both guards teased each other for being small on the back-to-back possessions on Tuesday night.

Game 5 between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Minnesota Timberwolves was a very important game, as the winner will not only get the lead but also gets the advantage in the series, that they will be just one win away from sealing the round one and moving for the second phase of the postseason. Moreover, the game was full of thrill but still, the Grizzlies managed to edge out the Wolves by 111-109 at home.

JA Morant in action against the Timberwolves

Meanwhile, the game was full of entertainment with some fire shooting comments from two big players of the Grizzlies and Wolves. It all started, when 4:31 minutes were remaining in the game and Beverley shot a scoop that successfully went in, so while returning to his side of the court he didn’t fail to tease Morant as he signaled ‘small’ on him.

JA Morant in action against the Timberwolves

We all know Morant never fails to answer the opponents, in his style who try to move under his skin and the same thing happened after Beverley’s ‘small’ taunt. In just the next possessions, Morant took the control of the ball and single-handedly scored a floater shot, and returned the favor to the Timberwolves guard by using ‘small’ action by hands. Moreover, it was JA Morant who made the last laugh.

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JA Morant brings the third victory for the Grizzlies after a thrilling game against the Timberwolves

JA Morant in action against the Timberwolves

The star guard scored 30 points, 13 rebounds, 9 assists, and 3 steals where he was 9-22 from the field goal, his only three came when 1.03 were remaining in the game. Although he looked lethargic in the first few minutes of the game, he still changed the tide of the game in the last quarter. In the fourth quarter, Morant added 18 of 30 points and 9-10 free throws, through this exceptional play, he has now brought the team to a 3-2 lead and the Grizzlies are now just one winning game away from sweeping the Minnesota Timberwolves from round one.

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