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 “Gotta earn those strides first kid” Ja Morant rips apart Jonathan Kuminga as he tries to ‘Whoop That Trick’ on Grizzlies after playoff exit

Ja Morant claps back at Kuminga as Grizzlies bow out of the playoffs in Game 6 vs Golden State Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors vs Memphis Grizzlies ended with at thriller battle. The series provided the fans with fun, action and drama both on the court and off the court. The 2nd round of playoffs is now over with Warriors advancing to the Western Conference Finals, but the trash talk between the players involved is not over quite yet. It is still going strong.

Jonathan Kuminga

To justify the same Ja Morant dissed Jonathan Kuminga who wanted to fire a blatant ‘Whoop That Trick’ on the Memphis Grizzlies. But his plans went down the drain as the Most Improved Player totally shut him up for good.

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Ja Morant fires back at Jonathan Kuminga

JA Morant

After the Warriors closed out the Western Conference semifinals with a 110-96 win over Memphis Grizzlies in Game 6 at Chase Center, Warriors’ rookie Jonathan Kuminga took to twitter to poke fun at the Grizzlies, with a postgame tweet.

Grizzlies star Ja Morant fired back at Kuminga, telling the rookie that he has to “earn some stripes” first before he can start with talks like that.

Kuminga then responded back to Morant’s tweet, saying that he wouldn’t say too much.

Kuminga poked fun at the Grizzlies by referring to the song “Whoop That Trick” by rapper Al Kapone, which has become an iconic chant for Grizzlies fans and has gained the attention of media and fans around the globe. It became a huge talking point during Game 5 at Memphis, when Steph Curry responded to ESPN’s Kendra Andrews’ question before the game by saying that the Warriors’ plan was to “Whoop That Trick.”

Curry’s comments ended up backfiring as the Grizzlies blew the Warriors apart by winning 134-95. The Grizzlies led by 55 at one point during the game. The thrashtalk followed by the blow out win lead to plenty of Internet memes. The FedExForum crowd erupted chanting the song throughout the fourth quarter of the blowout. Draymond Green, Jordan Poole and Stephen Curry could be seen enjoying the moment, laughing when the game was completely in the hands of Grizzlies.

Ultimately, Kuminga and Morant were just having light-hearted fun on Twitter after a hard-fought series between the two teams. Morant could not play in the final three games of the series due to an injury in his knee during Game 3. Kuminga stepped up in his role after GPII’s elbow fracture and started Games 3, 4 and 5, but didn’t play at all in Game 6.

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