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“We win with class and we lose with class” Jason Kidd’s stern message to NBA after Mavericks’ $100,000 fine for bench decorum

Jason Kidd targets the league and also press for the fines related to the bench rules violations. He supports Dallas Mavericks' players' behavior with strong words.

Dallas Mavericks Head Coach Jason Kidd

NBA fined Mark Cuban’s ever so energetic and hyped Dallas Mavericks’ bench for breaking bench decorum regulations and Coach Jason Kidd was not happy with that. He supported his bench while thrashing the league decisions before Game 3.

The NBA officials were in action once again as they fined Dallas Mavericks Bench for not following league regulations for bench decorum. Dallas was previously fined 2 times for similar charges, while they were making “noises” against top seed Phoenix suns. Maverick’s team owner Mark Cuban already tweeted his anger over a series of fines, but Jason Kidd went ahead and supported his bench. He said, “We win with class and we lose with class,” indicating the “decorum is indeed maintained” by his bench in all situations.

Jason Kidd With Dallas Mavericks Players

NBA now has fined Dallas Mavericks a total of $175,000, adding all 3 different occasions this postseason. They were fined $25,000 for the 1st time in Game-2 against Phoenix Suns, while the second fine of $50,000 came in Game-7 of the same series.

Jason Kidd is vocal against the fines and considers the media at fault for the fines

Dallas Mavericks players celebrates against Phoenix Suns

Jason Kidd was questioned the very 1st time when the NBA fined the Dallas Mavericks $25,000 for “violating league rules regarding team bench decorum.” To which he responded by stating that the NBA is looking in the wrong direction.

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“They have millionaires cheering on other millionaires. Doesn’t happen in this society. The enthusiasm of the game, for a teammate to cheer on another teammate is special and I think sometimes we’re focused on the wrong thing. And so when you look at people who make a lot of money cheering on their teammates or their employees, that’s what sport is all about.”  Jason Kidd explained at that time.

Still, NBA went on and targeted Game-7 celebrations as “out-of-control” and fined the Mavs $50,000 for the same thing. The league deemed their bench players were too close or on the court during Sunday’s Game 7 against Phoenix Suns. Now with an additional $100,000 fine, the league is looking to tighten unnecessary bench activities.

Furthermore, at Dallas, Jason Kidd believes that the media is to blame for the three fines his team received. “If you want to talk about the bench, we can talk about the bench, that’s on you,” Jason reacted before hosting 1st home in the Western Conference Finals  “We don’t talk about the bench. You guys did the article on the bench and that’s how we started getting fined because you brought light to it. So the media is at fault here. But we don’t complain and that’s the truth. We lose with class and we win with class and that’s what we’re about.” Jason also said that the media should pay the fine on behalf of the Mavs.

Though the league has not pointed out any specific incidence as “chargeable offense” it is considered that the fine seems to have stemmed from an incident in Game 2, when Stephen Curry passed the ball out of bounds because of Theo Pinson. He was wearing white that matched the Warriors’ uniforms, and his actions – standing up off the bench with his hand raised, were also questionable.

Anyhow member of Dallas’ 2011 Championship team and now Head Coach Kidd ought to support his franchise and the team against any charges and fines, but they do have some bigger issues to fix right now with the series slipping out of their hand. Mavs lost 3rd consecutive game against Golden State Warriors and are on the blink of elimination from the Western Conference Finals.

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