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“Kobe Bryant was the greatest Laker ever” Jeanie Buss takes an indirect dig at LeBron James for not playing ‘TEAM-GAME’

We all remember Kobe Bryant, seems like Jeanie Buss is missing her more than ever in these difficult times at the Lakers

Jeanie Buss remembers Kobe Bryant as she has a scathe at Lebron James

“Kobe !”, something all of us shout with glee as we shoot even a paper ball into the dustbin from long range. Kobe Bryant has been one of the most influential and hardworking basketball players in the history of the game, and not a day goes by when we tear up remembering his greatness, on the court and off it. Today, it was Jeanie Buss the Lakers Team Owner, reminiscing the gretaness of Kobe, albeit at the cost of Lebron James

The eternal drive and commitment to the game from Kobe remains unparalleled, which we today refer to as ‘Mamba Mentality’. Jeanie admires that determination and will to succeed which she would like the incorporate back into themselves.

Kobe Bryant aka Black Mamba

Bryant is considered to be one of the greatest LA Lakers in franchise history. He brought his Mamba Mentality every time he stepped on the court, and that is what made him special. He was an icon of the sport for an entire generation. From fellow NBA players to fans off the court, Kobe’s fandom rivaled that of MJ in his prime and LeBron.

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“He understood team over self” – Jeanie Buss rememebers the legendary Kobe Bryant while having a jab at Lebron James

LeBron James and Jeanie Buss

The Lakers are getting all the limelight this postseason, as they get to work with the newly appointed, Darvin Ham as their new Head Coach for the 2022-2023 season. The Los Angeles Lakers star-studded team not making into the playoffs was and has been one of the biggest talking points in and around the world of NBA. With One of the All-Time Greats, Lebron James himself, and two future Hall of Famers in Anthony Davis and freshly traded, Russell Westbrook, the Lakers looked scary on paper, not so much on court.

Jeanie Buss was obviously disappointed with the Lakers this season, with their Big 3 of Lebron, Davis and Westbrook misfiring them into elimination, after winning the NBA Title 2 years prior. This may the reason behind her quote regarding Kobe, such that the squad draw inspiration from him and perform at their highest level.

Was this truly a homage to Bryant, or was it a passive-aggressive message to someone else, perhaps Lebron James, who has been continuously involved in personnel decisions to favor himself rather than the team. The Westbrook trade was his Brainchild and it has not worked out inn any manner or form, now the reports of Kyrie to Lakers have emerged with Lebron James pushing for a reunion with Kyrie Irving.

Kobe Bryant is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring figures in basketball history. Whether it’s his style of play or his impact on people because of his performances, Bryant has touched the lives of several people. Having played for 20 seasons, Bryant achieved everything because of his undying passion and love for the game. His eternal drive and commitment to the game remains unparalleled. However, Jeanie calling him the greatest player ever was definitely a snub at Lebron James.

The Lakers had a drastically poor record of 33-49 , as they move on from this nightmarish season , they will have to make plenty of moves to get back on track. As LeBron gets ready for the upcoming season, the team will have to give him more reinforcements to bring back the legacy of the Lakers. Moreover, he has to solve the disparities between him and the management to ensure a smooth season where he can focus on the court more, rather than off it.

LeBron James and Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant’s tragic helicopter crash in January 2020, still haunts the entirety of the NBA community, as we were left numb with the news of him passing away. At the end of the day, Kobe’s legacy will shine the brightest among most of the athletes of his generation.

What he accomplished transcended generations as he set the benchmark for what it means to work hard to become the best version of yourself. Jeanie Buss is not the only one, I’m sure every Laker’s fan misses the Lakers stalwart. You will always be remembered Kobe, Mamba Out !

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