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“Look at him…JESUS CHRIST” Kendrick Perkins and LeBron James react to Bronny James’ tomahawk dunk

NBA twitter world along with Lebron James and Kendrick Perkins react to Bronny James' astounding in-game tomahawk dunk on Monday night.

Lebron and Bronny James, Kendrick Perkins

The son of NBA superstar LeBron James, Bronny James, has practically elevated his level of play. A mind-blowing video of Bronny performing an amazing slam during a game surfaced on Monday night. After Bronny’s most recent tomahawk dunk, which showcases his amazing athleticism, LeBron is now a proud dad. Bronny, a student at Sierra Canyon High School in Los Angeles, is already getting enough attention on social media thanks to his vicious dunks and impressive athleticism.


According to recent reports, as Bronny is prepared to enter his senior year, his national rating slipped from 29th to 60th. Regardless, the four-star talent ought to have UCLA, Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, and other offers thanks to the influence of his last name. Many believe that guard Jrue Holiday of the Bucks has influenced LeBron’s eldest son’s style of play.

Bronny James to continue his father’s legacy?

Given that he is the son of one of the greatest basketball players in history, Bronny James‘ career will be evaluated in great detail. Especially when King James comes to see his son play in a high school games, the seventeen-year-old makes national news. When he was in high school, Lebron was a player unlike any other. Before he even stepped foot inside an NBA arena, he was nicknamed “The Chosen One.” That much promise existed in him. As a youngster, he was already being referred to as Michael Jordan’s successor.


Sierra Canyon is welcoming Bronny as he begins his senior year. Despite the Coronavirus pandemic having something of an odd impact on his high school career, he will graduate in 2023. Accordingly, he may be prepared for the NBA as early as 2024. LeBron has aged well, and there’s a real possibility that he’ll play with his son in the future. He can currently enjoy watching his son play high school basketball. Bronny is now dominating at St. Vincent-St. Mary with his dad watching, dunking and blocking opponents at the same school LeBron previously played for.

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Lebron James, Kendrick Perkins and NBA Twitter world reacts to Bronny James’ tomahawk.

The guard from Sierra Canyon is presently participating in the basketball exhibition “The Battle.” The competition showcases some of the top athletes in the nation as well as the top teams in the country. Every showcase is broadcast on national television, providing participants and coaches the recognition they deserve for their abilities.

Here’s how Lebron James, Kendrick Perkins and rest of the Twitter reacted to Bronny’s dunk:

LeBron has officially stated he will play his final season alongside his son Bronny, thus it will be intriguing to watch whether Bronny makes the league as the King approaches his 20th season.

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