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“Devin Booker got hurt and CP3 said chill ya fat a** out Big Perk” Kendrick Perkins hails Chris Paul for inspiring Suns past underdogs Pelicans

Kendrick Perkins congratulated Chris Paul for perfect game and made fun of himself accepting his error in predictions.

Chris Paul and Kendrick Perkins

Chris Paul made his intentions clear with a perfect game against the Pelicans. Critical Kendrick Perkins accepts his predictions falling flat.


The 36-year-old Chris Paul showed no signs of rust or slowing down as he put his mark on the close-out game against New Orleans Pelicans. After stretching a considerably easier playoff series against the Pelicans, Chris Paul made sure that there will be no more drama further. Injury to the team’s top scorer Devin Booker made things even more interesting, Kendrick Perkins even expressed his concerns over the Suns’ future in the series. But Chris Paul took charge of the things and wipe-out any doubts.

Former NBA Champion Kendrick Perkins sportingly congratulated Paul for his massive performance and shared his feeling about the series. He wrote, “I picked the Pelicans to upset the Suns after Booker got hurt and CP3 said chill ya fat a$$ out Big Perk and put on damn Clinic tonight! The Pelicans have really put the world on NOTICE! Respect to the Suns for handling their business. Carry the hell on.” The Suns will face the Mavs next.


Chris Paul took charge of the game

Chris Paul perfect day against New Orleans Pelicans

Devin Booker missed a total of 14 games for the Suns in the 2022 regular season. Suns fared well without him winning 8 out of those 14 games. But when Paul is on the floor in Booker’s absence, the Suns’ managed to lose just 3 games, that too against some of the strong teams like the Bucks and Warriors. Booker returned to the game after missing out 4 games in the series. But return from a hamstring injury was not as impactful as Game 1. 

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With full credit to Brandon Ingram and the Pelicans, they did give a tough fight to the league leaders. But Paul gave a flawless performance. Shooting 14-of-14 from the field, Chris scored 33 points and became the only player in history with 100% shooting in the postseason (more than 13 shots taken). 

Point God averaged 20 points, and 12 assists per game before Game 6, but he decided to go for scoring which made the game difficult for the young Pelicans. Chris scored 33 points with 8 assists to shrug off the opponent’s challenge in the series. 

Playing against his former team – New Orleans, Chris said acknowledged the fact that ‘the city raised him.’ Paul played his 1st six years with the team averaging above 19 points and 9 assists per game for them. While playing against his 1st employers, Chris gave out fairly equal production in games, averaging 18 points, 10 assists per game.

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