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“Bro you don’t have a damn thing to prove” Kendrick Perkins reveals why he fell out with ‘BEST-FRIEND’ Kevin Durant

NBA analyst and former player Kendrick Perkins shares his viewpoint on his relationship with Kevin Durant.

Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant

In recent years, Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant have engaged in a fight for a number of reasons. But Perkins confessed that before things went south, they were excellent friends. Regarding KD’s present standing with the Brooklyn Nets, Perkins had a lot to say. Especially when it comes to keeping his teammates accountable, he believes Durant should speak up more.

Although Durant has a four-year deal with the Brooklyn Nets, there have been rumours this week that if Kyrie Irving leaves the team, Durant may ask for a trade. Opponents are not discounting the prospect, even though it is improbable. Maybe Durant is doing everything he can to get Irving a long-term deal, however if both stars do depart, Durant will likely have a tougher competition than Irving.

Kevin Durant’s disappointing season with the Nets

Brooklyn was eliminated from the playoffs by the Celtics after a season of championship-level anticipation. One of the greatest offensive threats to ever play the game is Kevin Durant because in six separate seasons, Durant, the four-time NBA scoring champion, has averaged at least 28.0 points per contest. In contrast to the superstar we have been accustomed to seeing throughout his whole career, Durant has looked flustered and disoriented and has been a burden for the Brooklyn Nets against the Celtics. Many fans were shocked by Durant’s underwhelming postseason efforts.

The Celtics have played outstanding defence, but we have rarely seen the 12-time All-Star look this poor in the back-to-back games at Boston. His freedom of movement around the basket has been restricted, and whenever he shoots, someone is always in his face. Being a seasoned superstar with a high basketball IQ, Durant should have analysed Boston’s defence, especially this year when Kyrie Irving was healthy but still missed many games as a result of his unwillingness to receive a vaccination. If their problems could have been resolved, those two may have been the greatest basketball duo of all time.

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Kendrick Perkins explains his on and off relationship with KD.

Durant and Perkins have been at odds for a long time, and Perkins revealed how it all began. The ESPN expert recalls how things turned out poorly following a rage on TV. Perkins stated the following on “The Old Man & the Three with JJ Reddick and Tommy Alter”: “I remember going to his house because I was out there working the game in the finals in 2019 and I was like, ‘Look bro, you don’t have a damn thing to prove, shut it down. There’s no reason for you to even be playing you’re a two-time champion two-time finalist MVP.’ So, what’d he do? He go out there and play, right? And ended up tearing his Achilles”.

Perkins later went off at KD on the phone for not listening to him. Even if that could have been the beginning of their conflict, a number of additional factors have aggravated it. Perk referred to Russell Westbrook as the greatest Oklahoma City Thunder player of all time in 2020. The whole situation got a little ugly when Kevin Durant criticised Perkins’ weak performance and Perkins referred to Durant as a coward.

After winning a championship with the Boston Celtics a few years prior, Perkins signed with the OKC Thunder. He played with Durant and Westbrook in Oklahoma for around four years. During that time, OKC frequently made deep runs in the playoffs. When they advanced to the Finals to meet Lebron James and the Miami Heat in the 2011–12 season, they had their strongest playoff run.

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