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“I embarrassed myself with all the Lakers right there” Kim Kardashian reveals how she humiliated herself in-front of LeBron James

Kim Kardashian spoke about the incident in which she embarrassed herself in front of Lebron James and the Lakers by supporting Tristian Thompson.

Lebron James, Kim Kardashian

The awkward incident occurred during Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers’ action which featured Tristan Thompson at the game in Los Angeles, and Kim Kardashian is talking about it now. Kim said on the recent season of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” that she humiliated herself in front of LeBron and the Lakers. LeBron is the face of the NBA, and the legendary player has such a reputation that fans swarm to him. And occasionally, they embarrass themselves as well, as the Kardashian undoubtedly did. This occurred despite the fact that Kim and Tristan had a turbulent history together despite Kim’s unwavering support for her sister Khloe.


In January 2020, Kim and her husband Kanye West watched Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers play the Cleveland Cavaliers. Fans recorded a video of the reality star’s behind appearing to mock the NBA player as Tristan Thompson went to attempt a free throw. The reality TV personality and ex-wife of Kanye cleared the air by outlining the precise circumstances of that day. When the 31-year-old NBA player was making free throws, several internet speculators claimed that Kim was booing Tristan and Kim subsequently denied these claims on Twitter.

Lebron James, the GOAT could not handle the Lakers last season

LeBron James stands out as an example of a player who has been extremely successful for more than 20 years and is currently competing for the title of greatest NBA player of all time. He has received four MVP titles overall, four Finals MVP awards, and four NBA championships. For 17 consecutive NBA seasons, the two-time Olympic champion averaged 25 points or more per game. James, an NBA record-tying three-time All Star MVP, played in 18 of them and is the All-Star Game’s all-time leading scorer. With 37062 points, James is second all-time in scoring, only behind Kareem Abdul Jabbar. In terms of triple-doubles among active players, he is only surpassed by Russell Westbrook.


The Los Angeles Lakers finished 33-49 and missed the Play-In tournament as LeBron James’ 19th NBA season came to an end. The fact that “The King” didn’t play enough games to have his 30.3 points per game even ranked meant that he also missed the chance to take home the scoring title. During James’ four seasons with the LA Lakers, the team had one championship, two first-round exits, and two NBA Playoff misses. LeBron has once again put up outstanding numbers in each of his individual seasons. In three of those four seasons, he has missed many games due to injury, which has hurt the team’s consistency as well as his own.

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Kim Kardashian’s embarrassing moment at the Laker game

Kim Kardashian remembers enthusiastically supporting the Cleveland Cavaliers player during her date night with Kanye West while talking to her sister Khloé. Kim made an allusion to a humiliating event that happened during the relevant game. She said that she humiliated herself in front of LeBron James, the star of the Lakers, in a season of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. She stated: “I was literally going, ‘Go, Tristan, go.. embarrassing myself with LeBron right there and all the Lakers.”

Kim experienced many of unpleasant experiences in her life, so this one may not have been as horrible as she thought. According to recent rumors, Kim Kardashian broke up with Pete Davidson, her boyfriend who replaced Kanye West. As for Lebron, his desire to play alongside Bronny is well known, therefore the Lakers may have to part ways with their potential Hall of Famer in the near future. The Lakers’ offseason will unquestionably be crucial.

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