Kyle Kuzma CALL OUTS ex-NBA players for dissing league after failing to secure roster spot and moving overseas

Kyle Kuzma voices his criticism of former NBA players who have been critical of the league after making moves to play overseas.

Kyle Kuzma CALL OUTS ex-NBA players for dissing league after failing to secure roster spot and moving overseas

Kyle Kuzma. (Credit-Bleacher Report)

Kyle Kuzma didn’t hold back when responding to an ex- NBA player’s recent criticism of the NBA on Twitter. Former NBA player Jabari Parker recently called out the NBA, describing the league as “watered down,” and outlined why he chose to leave for Barcelona. In response to this, Washington Wizards’ forward didn’t mince his words.


Kuzma instantly fired back on Twitter, saying, “This trend of players going overseas and saying something about this League ain’t it!!” Parker’s desire to be part of something more legitimate resonated with Kuzma, who approaches every game with a win-at-all-costs mentality.

Parker’s controversial comments had brought to the forefront a broader issue within the NBA which is the existence of teams with divergent goals. While some franchises aim for championship contention, others strategically position themselves to secure suitable draft picks.

Kuzma’s reaction to Parker’s words was influenced by his own mindset of approaching every game as a must-win. However, Kuzma’s team the Wizards, currently find themselves among the lottery teams, likely to secure an early draft lottery pick. This glaring contrast in team objectives serves as a reminder of the all around nature of the NBA landscape.


Following the footsteps of Parker, other Ex NBA players like Kemba Walker and Jimmer Fredette have also made controversial criticisms pointing towards the NBA and its structure. Walker after moving to AS Monaco in the Euro League said, ” Everything doesn’t have to be the NBA

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Kyle Kuzma’s astute assessment on USA Basketball

Washington Wizards’ forward Kyle Kuzma, has been making waves with his analytical views on social media. In the aftermath of Team USA’s disappointing run and outcome in the FIBA World Cup, where they finished fourth following losses to Lithuania, Germany, and Canada. Kuzma turned to Twitter (Now X) to diagnose the underlying issues within team USA.

This discussion coincided with reports of LeBron James actively recruiting fellow NBA stars for the 2024 Olympics. Historically, NBA superstars have shown great interests for Olympic basketball, resulting in four consecutive Olympic titles with their star-studded rosters.


Kuzma’s view highlights the pressing need for players who can seamlessly “play a role.” While these athletes excel as primary options on their NBA teams, the Olympic team requires individuals who can adapt to off-ball play, excel in peaking, contribute in defense, and handle less ball possession.

Achieving the right balance between supreme superstar talent and elite role players is really crucial for Olympic success, and Kuzma’s insights emphasize the significance of roster composition in realizing this objective.

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