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“Khloe! Listen to me, your BIG BROTHER” Lamar Odom subtly pulls the plug on relationship with ex-wife amid crisis with Tristan Thompson

Lamar Odom urges his ex-wife to do the right thing by moving on from current relationship with Tristan Thompson and explains why they never had children

Lamar Odom may have officially pulled the pulled the cord on his relationship with ex-wife Khloe Kardashian. The pair a seemingly good relationship outside of his drug abuse, alcoholism, and affairs. These were all contributing factors for their split.

Lamar Odom

For nearly seven years, Odom and Kardashian were married but they never had children. The former Los Angeles Lakers forward told Shanon Sharpe, “I was getting high, my sp*rm was way off track. I was definitely… in there.”

In 2016, after several major health scares and a near overdose on cocaine, the couple finalised their divorce and moved their separate ways. Odom still believes that he missed out on a good partner and blames his ignorance for their failed marriage.


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Lamar Odom says Khloe Kardashian should just move on

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian

Recently, Khloe Kardashian revealed she had a second baby via surrogacy with Tristan Thompson. Unfortunately, even their relationship has been filled with turmoil due to the former NBA Champion’s loyalty issues. Thompson has also cheated on her multiple times and had a kid with another person during their relationship.

A source also revealed that they were secretly engaged for nine months during which they planned on having a surrogate. But unfortunately, Tristan could never stay loyal and Khloe finally said he wants out of their relationship.

In response to this, Lamar Odom said, “I’m trying to find out the psychology behind it.You want to have a second baby with the same father, but he don’t wanna be with you.” He also referred to himself as his ex-wife “big brother.” He urged Khloe to walk away from his toxic relationship with Thompson.

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