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“The KING will Butcher everyone” LeBron James’ grind doesn’t stop with workout seen in Italy

Read and know more about LeBron James preparing himself for year 20.

LeBron James

LeBron James is back in the NBA headlines as photos of him working out during vacation in Italy are viral all over the internet. This has hyped up the Lakers fanbase as watching the King be committed and locked in, their hopes for the coming season have reached new heights. As last season they failed to even make it to the play-in tournament and had a terrible year where they were confused with their starting line-up till the end.  

Lebron James

The Lakers always had the potential to win it all last season but injuries ruined it all for them. As the big three of LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook never got the rhythm together and disappointed everyone around who listed them as contenders even before the season started. LeBron James though wasn’t at fault last season as he was helpless most of the time because of the supporting cast failing to back him up. As he delivered an MVP calibre performance every night he suited up and averaged 30.3 points, 8.2 rebounds and 6.2 assists per game.

LeBron James in the coming season will be entering his Year 20 in the league and he is already preparing for it. He is undoubtedly the most consistent superstar in the history of the game. But in the last seasons even he has got some history with many injuries and at this point of his career where he has got a lot many things to achieve and claim the G.O.A.T title, like some more championships and Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s all-time scoring record. Bron won’t risk his health and conditioning for anything.


So he is committed to the process and working on himself even while being on a vacation in Italy. As recently TMZ Sports dropped some shirtless photos of the King hitting the weights on a yacht. It hasn’t shocked many around as we all know LeBron James for taking the best possible care of his body and it’s not the first time he is in the headlines for working out while being on a yacht in Italy. Also you can’t miss workout sessions when the training camp is nearing and the season is about to begin.

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Can LeBron James and Los Angeles Lakers win it all?

Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook and Lebron James

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers can really win it all this year and even rapper Lil Wayne believes the same. But for that to happen the team has to make some adjustments around their roster and bring in some great supporting cast. And, that’s exactly what they have been doing as they recently landed Patrick Beverley, Juan Toscano Anderson and still look to improve. Even though the future of Russell Westbrook isn’t clear yet he single-handedly can carry the team across with LeBron James.

The Lakers will also have to add some size and defense on the team as you can’t trust Anthony Davis who was last season tagged as Day to Day Davis. We should also not forget that every individual in the Big Three of the team has the potential to win it all and get the job done alone. They just have to find a rhythm and be committed with some good chemistry at least.

Lebron James

The signing of Darvin Ham as the new head coach will surely improve their defense but the road for them won’t be easy if they aren’t in the best shape and form possible, especially AD because he’s the one who has to lead the team and not Bron or Russ. Also, the western conference is no more soft and has the potential to give them an early exit again if they don’t go all in.

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