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“Never seen an entire team choke so bad” Luka Doncic humiliates Cam Johnson by snatching his ankles only to drill 3-pointer in the face

Fans react to Luka Doncic snatching Cam Johnson’s ankles and sending him down to the ground

Luka Doncic and Cam Johnson

Luka Doncic once again shocked the world with his godlike offensive skillset as he once again embarrassed Cam Johnson during Game 7 between the Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns. The whole series has been closely contested and head to head but unexpectedly Game 7 which was supposed to be a fierce battle turned out to be a blowout loss for the Phoenix Suns. Luka Doncic didn’t really stop after embarrassing Cam Johnson as he also embarrassed the whole Suns team and held them down throughout the game. The Mavericks were in good form and were better compared to any of the Suns’ stars as they stepped up for the final battle and advanced to the western conference finals and now will face the Golden State Warriors.

The Phoenix Suns hosted the Dallas Mavericks at Footprint Center for Game 7 of the series. A do-or-die situation for both the teams and the Phoenix Suns didn’t survive as the Mavericks were successful in pulling down the curtains on them. The Dallas Mavericks took control over the game early and built a strong lead which eventually won them the game. Luka Doncic ran the offensive end and left Devin Booker and Chris Paul speechless as they had a horrible night shooting the ball and even playmaking. Jalen Brunson (24 points, 2 assists, and 6 rebounds) and Spencer Dinwiddie (30 points, 2 assists, and 3 rebounds) stepped up in the most important game of their life and didn’t let the franchise down for trusting them as they backed up their all-star point guard.

Cameron Johnson and Luka Doncic

Luka Doncic dropped 35 points, 4 assists, 10 rebounds, and also Cam Johnson. As he didn’t stand any chance in front of a heated Luka who to started to show off his magic. The final box score stands at 123-90 favoring the Dallas Mavericks a 33 points blowout loss for the Phoenix Suns. As the Slovenian guard was godlike throughout Game 7 and even got himself a highlight.

Luka Doncic of Dallas Mavericks

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Fans react to Luka Doncic snatching Cam Johnson’s ankles and sending him down to the ground

Luka Doncic vs Phoenix Suns

With 48.8 seconds remaining for the second quarter to end and the Mavericks being up by 30 points. Cam Johnson was seen on the ground as he just experienced a crossover with between the legs and a slight push-off from Luka Doncic who was godlike throughout the game and showcased his offensive heroics while getting the job done. After the move, Luka Doncic also drilled a deep three-pointer and had the Arena go silent as they were expecting the Phoenix Suns to do such damage but it all went south for the home team.

There are thousands of reactions for the viral clip of Luka Doncic dropping down Cam Johnson and now advancing to the conference finals against the Golden State Warriors. As fans reacting to it praise and appreciate Luka Doncic for his great offensive bag that’s so deep that he outscored the whole Suns team in the first half himself. Find some of many such reactions posted by fans on social media platforms here below:

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Fans’ reaction
Fans’ reaction
Fans’ reaction
Fans’ reaction