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“This guy is absolutely street smart” – Mark Cuban gets honest about ‘best investment’ Luka Doncic

The Dallas Mavericks owner can't help but give props to his 'Talisman' Luka Doncic for his traits of a wonderful salesperson. Mark Cuban names three players that have a knack for business.

Mark Cuban (L) Luka Doncic (R)

Getting praised by Mark Cuban himself for being ‘street smart’ has got to be one of the best compliments anyone can receive. Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic and two other NBA players come under the category of “street smart” according to the Dallas Mavericks owner.


Mark Cuban is undoubtedly one of the favorite NBA team owners. Mark took over the Dallas Mavericks franchise in 2000 and ever since he has been one of the most popular personalities in the US. The top businessman has been one of the most if not THE most passionate owners in the NBA. It is very rarely you see an NBA owner get the kind of love Mark receives from the fans of his team and others as well.

Cuban is not only a fantastic team owner but also one of the most important members of the popular show Shark Tank. Getting the pass from Cuban for being “Street Smart” is one of the biggest compliments. Recently, the passionate Dallas Mavericks owner was in an interview with Taylor Rooks and the amazing host managed to get the fun side of Cuban out in the interview. In this interview, Mark revealed the 3 NBA players that could make the cut for top salesman/businessman.


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Mark Cuban backtracks on exclusive Luka Doncic story

Mark Cuban and Luka Doncic

Have to give it up for Taylor Rooks, she almost got a very private story about the Dallas Mavericks star out of Mark’s mouth. Rooks hit Cuban with “What 2 NBA players would be the best salesmen?” and Mark was more than happy to answer this question. “First of all, Luka Doncic could sell anything. That guy is so street smart, you have no idea. He’ll face time with some…” and that’s when Cuban knew he couldn’t share this story about Luka. Wonder what it is that Luka did…

“When he is out having fun with something right, and he’s with all his boys, and you’ll see a lot of stuff, Luka’s got a real good team around him and you’ll see a lot of really cool tech stuff that he helped engineer,” continued Cuban when he called out by Taylor. Great answer, Mark but we and Taylor know that wasn’t the story you were going to give out.

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The Dallas Mavericks owner then went on to name the great Michael Jordan for his obvious line of shoes and clothing brand. “Jordan, obviously. Michael is great at what he does there,” Cuban added Michael to the list. The surprising name that Cuban said was Theo Pinson from the Mavericks. That’s an interesting list. Cuban, however, has GOT to give us fans the Luka story that he’s hiding!

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