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Mavs star Spencer Dinwiddie’s $571,427 payout that fueled Game 7 breakout over Suns

Spencer Dinwiddie is going to bag big bucks after the Dallas Mavericks win in Game 7.

Spencer Dinwiddieis one of the players in the league who have been known to immerse in the financial markets. The Dallas Mavericks guard has previously been vocal on cryptocurrency. He himself is an investor in the crypto-market. Spencer likes to call himself a “tech guy with a jumper”.

Spencer Dinwiddie

Ahead of the Mavericks vs Suns Game 7, Spencer Dinwiddie was well-aware of the hefty financial gain that awaiting him as long as he gave enough input to capitalize and reap the benefits. Spencer did not let his rewards down.

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Spencer Dinwiddie with the arguably the most expensive 30 piece

Luka Doncic and Spencer Dinwiddie

In the contract that Spencer Dinwiddie’s signed with the Washington Wizards, there was a cheeky stipulation inserted. According to the contract, Spencer would get a $571,427 bonus if his team makes it the NBA conference finals. With the Mavericks win over Suns in Western Conference Semi-Finals, Spencer can now cash in his reward easily.

With the game being a blowout win for the Mavericks,that had the Mavs up by 30 at half-time, this reward would probably be the easiest 500k Spencer Dinwiddie ever made. But it is also important to note that Spencer did have a role to play in this. The impact that the trio of Luka, Brunson and Spencer had in the game cannot go unnoticed.

Spencer Dinwiddie, being the tech-savvy financial man that he is, was most likely motivated to collect the dividends of his basketball labor, dropped in a playoff career high of 30 points off the Mavs bench.

His 30 had their impact on the court by adding up to the 35 and 24 that Luka and Brunson bagged. The trio scored 89 in total. That is 1 off of Sun’s full-time game score.

There are reports that Dinwiddie might have an another bonus in the pipeline, provided that the Mavs win the title. But for some reason it seems that it might not be as glamorous and intriguing as the pay bump he is getting for making the Western Conference Finals.

It would be safe to say the fans in Dallas would be willing to pay his bonus out of their pocket if the Mavericks win it all this season.

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