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“Micheal Jordan is the biggest fraud in NBA History!” Former UNC player supports Scottie Pippen by calling out the GOAT

Former North Carolina University teammate blasts Micharl Jordan for throwing his Chicago Bulls family under the bus to save his reputation and legacy

Michael Jordan is looked at as the greatest NBA player of all time. After winning six championships, five league most valuable player awards and several other accolades, the World accepted him into greatness very quickly. But only his close associates knew who he really was as a person.

Michael Jordan

The former Chicago Bulls legend had many controversies tied to his name. His gambling addiction was one of them. The NBA would usually impose strict laws against such activities but in Jordan’s many believe his second retirement decision was because of a suspension. His own teammates have spoken about his awful personality as well.

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Scottie Pippen implies thay Michael Jordan is a hypocrite

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen

Michael Jordan had an entire crew documentary moments from the 1997 title run. The footage was made into a documentary series which released on April 2020. “The Last Dance” garnered a lot of attention and ratings skyrocketed. It showed the events that took place during that specific season and Jordan may have taken a lot of credit to himself.

Former teammate Scottie Pippen and several others spoke out against MJ not giving credit where it is due. As much as we would like to believe the iconic duo had a good friendship, Pippen admitted, “Michael and I aren’t close, never have been.” He also accused the GOAT for falsely portraying himself as a good person when reality was completely different.

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Former North Carolina teammate goes against Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan and Bill Cartwright in 1992

In defense of Pippen’s allegations, former teammate from North Carolina University Rashad McCants reflected on his experience with Michael Jordan. McCant highlighted several incidents including the GOAT’s gambling addiction and other hidden stories. He claimed Jordan to be, “The biggest fraud in NBA history”

He said,“The man is the biggest sports fraud in history. So everything Scottie is currently showing the world, is that you? You saved yourself by throwing your teammates under the bus. The first red flag was raised. So, as everything else happens, Scottie Pippen sits there thinking, ‘Wow, really this is all about you, the six championships, you did it, and we helped you? Didn’t we do it as a group?'”

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