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NBA analyst claims that Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant relationship wasn’t as close as it was portrayed in public

Read further to know what Nick has to say about Kevin and Kyrie's friendship.

Nick Friedell and kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant

Brooklyn Nets stars Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving were known to be close pals since they started playing for the nets. But ESPN’s Nick Friedell doesn’t seem to have agreed with this. Nick had covered the Brooklyn Nets media day recently and talked about some infamous rumors about the Nets duo.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant

Nick Friedell said, “It backs up with what I was told several times, even in the last couple of months. Kevin and Kyrie are very close, they have a very solid relationship. They are not always as close as it was made out to be publicly.” Kevin and Kyrie are the vital cogs of the Brooklyn Nets machine. With James Harden bidding adieu to the team, they have more responsibilities to look after now.

Nick added, “And Kyrie acknowledged it, ‘I’m always gonna be happy for Kevin, I want what’s best for him. I want him to be here but if he wasn’t gonna be here and that didn’t make him happy in his basketball life then I had to deal with him going somewhere else.” Kevin shook the NBA world when he made a trade request. He has always done what’s best for him. Apparently, he stayed away from Kyrie’s contract negotiations, as everyone knew that his say would have had a vibrant effect on the overall outcome.


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Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving began the regrouping process for the upcoming NBA season

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

With the 2022-2023 NBA season just a few days away, all the teams will be looking to rectify the few minor errors left to make a championship-winning combination. The story is same with the Brooklyn Nets. They had a very turbulent off-season. There were stories of KD going out of the team, but they made him stay back. There were issues with Kyrie Irving as well but now the superstars are locked in. James Harden though left the team and joined the Philadelphia 76ers. Finally, during the media day, the management and the team looked like they had moved on from their issues and focused on one common goal- winning a title. And for that, they need two of their star players, Kyrie Irving and KD, to well gel their close friendship. The duo will heavily impact the outcome of the Brooklyn Nets this coming NBA season.

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