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“He’s out the first chance he gets” NBA Executive makes massive claims on Draymond Green’s “business minded” intentions

NBA Executive claims Draymond Green already has one foot out the door with the Golden State Warrioes

Draymond Green has gained a lot of success with the Golden State Warriors. One may think, why would he ever leave the team that elevated him to a very high platform? The answer is simple, the NBA is simply just a business and basketball is one of the highest paying sports as well.

"He's out the first chance he gets" NBA Executive makes massive claims on Draymond Green's "business minded" intentions 2

The former Defensive Player of the Year already had intentions of abandoning everything he built with the Dubs especially since there was an issue about him not being offered the expected deal. An unknown NBA Executive claims that Green’s eyes are on the money aspect of the game.

“If he gets a big offer from Detroit as one example or maybe Dallas or the Lakers, somewhere he would like to play? He is not going to be shy about leaving. He understands this business.” The player has shown interested in joining the Los Angeles Lakers, but as far as it is known, it is mostly a rumor.


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Draymond Green eliminates the idea of leaving the Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green- IMAGO / UPI Photo

The Warriors are a brotherhood, especially the relationship between Draymond Green, Stephen Curry, and Klay Thompson. The 4x Champion shut down all rumors of him leaving and claimed he was determined to work on another season with hopes of winning a title.

“At this point, you know, whether I’d like to or not — I don’t think it will happen. I’m just focused on this season and being as great as I can be and as I know I’m capable of being. And winning another championship and reaching my individual goals that I have as well.”

Green had an amazing season with the Warriors and won his fourth title with them. Throughout the off-season, he stated that the Warriors will be able to win another title especially due to Curry’s recent rejuvenation. He also stated that he is willing to bet on his idea of them winning a fifth title.

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