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“Having the time of his life with no Lakers around” NBA Fans roast LeBron James for having a ‘gala’ time at Draymond Green’s wedding

NBA fans on twitter reacts to Lebron James partying up at Draymond Green's wedding.

Lebron James and other stars at Draymond Green's wedding

LeBron James, Steph Curry, and the Warriors’ forward Draymond Green put their rivalry aside to count how many rings they had individually during Draymond’s wedding on Sunday night. Yesterday, Green and Hazel Renee exchanged vows in front of a number of well-known celebrities. Famous rappers DaBaby and Roddy Rich performed for the guests at the celebrity-studded wedding. The wedding was attended by Green’s colleagues, including Curry, who was spotted alongside Jayson Tatum and LeBron. One of the most memorable pictures that Steph Curry, LeBron James, and Draymond Green shared on social media was of them all together.

The NBA offseason is already in full swing, and basketball fans have been itching to see some games again. All we can do is wait and keep considering how the NBA will look in the upcoming season. The athletes should take advantage of this opportunity to have fun and make the most of their summertime. While several of the NBA’s top players gathered yesterday at Draymond Green’s wedding, we have seen photos of other players vacationing. One of the greatest NBA social events of the summer was Green’s wedding in which the Lakers superstar Lebron James was living his life at the fullest dancing and partying after his team’s dismal season.

Lebron James’ valiant efforts wasn’t enough for the 2021-22 Lakers

LeBron James’ 19th NBA season came to a close with the Los Angeles Lakers going 33-49 and missing the Play-In tournament. ‘The King’ also missed out on the opportunity to win the scoring championship since he didn’t play enough games, which prevented his 30.3 points per game from even being ranked. The LA Lakers have won a title, lost in the first round twice, and failed to make the NBA Playoffs in two of James’ four seasons with the franchise. As usual, LeBron has produced impressive figures each each of his individual seasons. He has missed several games because of injury in three of those four seasons which has hampered both the franchise and his own consistency.

This hardly feels like the greatest James and the Lakers can do together, even with a title in hand. When it comes to creating anything sustainable, neither party has lived up to their end of the contract. And given how productive James continues to be on the court, it is quite unacceptable for this team to have fallen so far behind in the standings. James and Anthony Davis had a whole summer to take care of their health during the 2019 offseason, and they guided the team to the best record in the West and an NBA championship as everyone hopes they would repeat the same process this season.

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Fans react to James celebrating his offseason at Draymond Green’s wedding

Many athletes, including Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and LeBron James, as well as his business associates Maverick Carter and Rich Paul, were on the guest list and attended the celebrations. Lebron was in a mood during the occasion because it appeared that Carter was watching over him in case something went wrong. This is how the twitter world reacted to the King wilidin’ out:

This invitation list is rather extensive as the equal opportunity Draymond has attained in the NBA is evident when one considers how everyone really ended up attending the wedding. He has friendships with teammates, opponents, and everyone in between. At his wedding, Draymond was able to plan one of the summer’s largest basketball-related events. Kevin Love also got married earlier in the offseason, but Draymond’s wedding appears to have gone viral on social media due to the celebrities that showed there.

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