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“There is no harder team in sports right now” NBA Insider makes a bold prediction about Brooklyn Nets ahead of 2022-23 season

Kevin Durant’s trade request put many predictions on old. NBA insider Marc Spears also finds it difficult to foresee the future for the Brooklyn Nets.

Marc Spears on Uncertainty over Brooklyn Nets after Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving's possible exit

Brooklyn Nets are in a unique situation. From Title contender team to maybe a mid-table team. This drastic change could be because of their offseason activities, with a number of trade situations looming around the franchise. Kevin Durant made his stand clear with the trade request on 30th June 2022, and later in a face-to-face meeting held in London this Saturday. The meeting was planned to sort out the future, but KD seems adamant about his change of scenario plans. With training sessions around the corner, it is hard to predict the future for Brooklyn Nets. 


Marc Spears also reacts to the situation, calling it “hard” to foresee any fitting answers for the Nets’ future. Senior NBA writer said, “Even if Kevin is back, even if Kyrie is back, is it going to be come-by-yeah or is it gonna be angry on that training camp? There are a lot of unknowns.”

Adding the Ben Simmons situation in the mix, he said, “There are too many question mark. Is Ben gonna be healthy? Is Ben gonna play? I don’t know. They could be at 1, and they could be out of playoffs. There is no harder team in sports, in NBA… There is no harder team in the sports than Brooklyn to project.”


Truly, Brooklyn Nets have so many things on their plate, and they need to sort them out as quickly as possible to have a clear direction going into the 2023 season.    

Brooklyn Nets might lose their Mega stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in 1 season period forcing them into an uncertain future.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving made the team title favorites in the 2020 season. But after 3 seasons they managed to win just 1 playoff series, putting a huge question mark over their creditability. Individually Kyrie and KD have achieved so much, and even delivered championships with their respective franchises. But they playing together never won any big games for the team.

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2-time NBA champion Durant did all he could to keep his team in the race, but things didn’t work out well and they crashed out early in the postseasons. Kyrie also had memorable performances for the team, whenever he was on the court, but he too can’t take them to the NBA finals. 


After the conclusion of the 2022 season, Kyrie Irving opted-in with his layer option, keeping him with the Nets for 1 more season, and Kevin is looking for an even early exit. Though Kyrie would leave for free in 2024, the Nets can leverage something out of the KD trade. If the Nets decide to move Kyrie in the same window, then they will have a fresh new team to work with, but time for them would be lesser than expected. 

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