“He sat down with KD..he should also sit down with Irving” NBA Insider says he’s tired of watching Stephen A Smith’s Twitter beef with Kyrie Irving

Read to know more about the ongoing social media scuffle between Stephen A Smith and Kyrie Irving in which the NBA insider Marcus Spears think, is getting out of hand.

Stephen A Smith, Kyrie Irving
Stephen A Smith, Kyrie Irving

It has to happen eventually as  Stephen A. Smith has gotten into another dispute, this time with Brooklyn Nets All-Star Kyrie Irving. This comes just after his recent argument with former First Take sparring partner Skip Bayless. Tuesday, Smith shared a video on Twitter slamming Irving for his most recent scam, which involved using the Lakers as leverage in his discussions with Brooklyn. However, once the Nets called his bluff, Irving started to retreat. Irving reacted impulsively to Smith’s rant, in which he complained about Irving choosing to exercise his almost $37 million player option to remain in Brooklyn.

NBA commentator Marcus “Swagu” Spears thinks Irving and Smith need to discuss after developing a very personal rivalry. The former NFL player is sick of the dispute and thinks it has gotten out of hand. Spears feels that Irving and Smith’s disputes must be resolved. He discussed the matter during a recent episode of his podcast with Kendrick Perkins and he admitted to feeling uneasy.

The on and off relationship between Stephen A Smith and Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving has only participated in 103 of the team’s 246 regular-season games since joining the Nets in 2019, primarily owing to personal issues and most notably because to COVID-19 limitations as  he refused to acquire the mandatory vaccine. Before the mandate was removed, he ultimately made a comeback as a part-time player who only played in away matches.  Irving struggled as the No. 7 seeded Nets were swept by the Celtics in the opening round of the playoffs. 

The absence of a compromise position between them may make things worse for Kyrie and Smith. The problems between them are getting too personal and have been going on for too long. No matter how very intimate things have become between the two, there is always a way back. To bridge the rift between Kyrie Irving and Stephen A. Smith, they may have to talk.

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Marcus Spears thinks that a possible meeting between the two may make things right. He also thinks the answer could lay in their shared connection to Rod Strickland. He stated: “I hope, at some point, they can link up. I know his uncle is Rod Strickland. And Stephen, I think they’ve got a relationship, know each other, or whatever. Ultimately, bro, it’s this has been going on too long.” Swagu is not the only individual who thinks the Irving-Smith problems have gotten out of hand or dragged on for too long. Some people have even used social media to express their feelings about how things are now between the two.

Social media has been both a blessing and a curse, providing for both unheard-of access to stars and celebrities and the creation of a toxic information bubble that has given rise to some unpleasant discussions that would not have been possible without the invention of Twitter and other media platforms. So, it is unlikely we will see a Kyrie Irving and Stephen A Smith linkup at one of his shows that will help those guys to lose the heat and talk things out.

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