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“You were toppled in the playoffs” NBA legend blames Kevin Durant for Nets’ post-season collapse

NBA Legend blames KD for the collapse of The Nets in the playoffs last season

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant last month was called an “abject failure” by Charles Barkley, for his tenure with the OKC where he could not win a championship and left to join a stronger team in Golden State. And recently on a podcast, An NBA legend close to Barkley shared similar views with Barkley and also blamed KD for the dismal performance of The Nets in the playoffs last season.

Kevin Durant vs Boston Celtics

On a recent episode of The Big Podcast, Shaquille O’Neal had some words for KD and was critical of his recent actions and stint with the Nets, “When you focus on always being at the forefront of responding and saying what you mean, that’s how you feel. Is he the guy that says what he means and then all of a sudden it’s gone? I don’t know. We’ll see. Does he respect Steve Nash and the organization like I think he should? I don’t think so.”

Shaq added talking about the playoff last season against the Celtics, “But again, as a player, as a superstar player, you got to look in the mirror. What did you do? What did you do in the playoffs? That’s all I’m saying. I had to do it. We all had to do it. Yeah, he’s a star, he’s a great player, but what did you do? I saw Jayson Tatum go at him. That’s what I saw.”


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How KD Can Change His New Found image

Kevin Durant

Shaq seemed to agree with Barkley’s recent opinion of Kevin Durant as an “abject failure.” To add fuel to the fire that has been burning for KD, Shaq said, “A lot of people were talking about the bus driver. Chuck was absolutely right. He was not driving the bus in Golden State. You were on the bus; he’s sitting up front. You win, and we don’t respect it,” O’Neal said. “Don’t get mad at us; that’s how we feel. … When you the guy, in championship moments, can you take it to the next level? We haven’t seen that yet. If you’re the guy, and you ain’t get it done, that means you failed.”

While Barkley’s comments on KD brought him a lot of hate from around the league, especially from KD’s fans but considering how Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most beloved icons and his championships do give him a right to talk which most people criticized Barkley for. Big Diesel might not get the same heat that Charles received.

For Kevin Durant to change the perception of the people and to remove the tagline of “an abject failure”. KD must look to win a championship with the Nets by all means. Durant by no menas is a bad player instead he is one of the best to ever play the game but the criticism of him not being able to lead a team does stand. And though the Nets have some great players right now like Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving. Kevin Durant is undoubtedly the best on the squad and is the undisputed leader of the team. For KD to win a championship right now would prove all the criticism that he has got up till now wrong and elevate his already magnificient legacy by higher lengths.

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