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“Mark Cuban is horses**t” NBA Twitter fumes as Dallas Mavericks pay ‘Worst Tribute’ to victims of Uvalde

Dallas Mavericks received insane amount of hate after paying tribute for 21 victims of the Uvalde School Shooting in ba

The world still mourns the loss of 21 lives that were unfortunately taken by a teenager just entering adulthood. Among the victims were 19 school children and two teachers of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, close to the Dallas Mavericks home. The scary mass shooting took place fairly early in the morning after the gunman had also allegedly killed his own grandmother.

Texas shooting at Uvalde

This is not the only mass shooting that has taken place in the last three weeks, in fact, four deadly shootings were recorded in a span of 14 days. Most of these activities are primarily driven by mental health issues and racial discrimination. Hardly a week before the school shooting took place, a supermarket in Buffalo was attacked where 10 black individuals were murdered in seconds.


Dallas Mavericks convey their regards in a controversial manner

Mark Cuban with Dallas Mavericks team

As the nation is slowly recovering, the higher officials of the state are being held accountable for these violent acts. NBA coaches and players have all pointed out the disorder prevailing in the country. Steve Kerr was one of the first people to speak out on the issue blasting the senators of state who have avoided voting on gun laws. The Dallas Mavericks whose home is barely a few miles away from the crime scene also paid tribute to the victims.

A very understanding gesture one may think. The Mavericks organization came forth to pay their respects by having 21 minutes of social media silence. The number of minutes of silence made sense but was it enough for the massacre that took place? 21 hours perhaps? Or maybe 21 days? The franchise received severe backlash after the gesture. The Mavs are a multi-million dollar group that only spent 21 minutes in silence which is usually how long one can stay away from their device and not call it a break.

NBA Fans trash the Dallas Mavericks over unusual gestures for the Uvalde victims

Mark Cuban and Luka Doncic

The Dallas Mavericks took a while to show their remorse for the lives lost which was understandable especially since the Western Conference Finals were ongoing. But fans felt that the gesture was insufficient for such a big tragedy. Here are a few reactions of fans.

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