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“Thin man has no heart” New York Post’s controversial headline condemns Kevin Durant for BETRAYING Nets prior to the 2022-23 season

'The Slenderman' - Kevin Durant sends shockwaves across the NBA, after wanting out of the Nets.

Kevin Durant drops a bombshell, wants to get out of Brooklyn

Buckle up NBA fans, KD is on the move again ! Kevin Durant has reportedly asked for a trade outside Brooklyn and is being already slandered for betraying the Nets. The Brooklyn Nets had one of the most nightmarish seasons, with catastrophes on and off the court, as the Nets were swept off their feet by the Boston Celtics in the first round of playoffs, concluding their disappointing season and a disastrous postseason, far below preseason hopes and expectations, which has left KD to seek new challenges elsewhere.

Kevin Durant left the Golden State Warriors after 2 triumphant Rings in the NBA, looking to pair up with Kyrie Irving to have another chance at a Championship. The Brooklyn Nets were thrown out of the NBA Playoffs by the Championship contending Boston Celtics, as they clean swept the Nets 4-0 in the series.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

Life has not been easy for Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving ever since, as they have been under constant scrutiny from the media and the fans. Durant tried to form his own super team in Brooklyn but the plan hit a snag this season. The 33-year-old remained a remarkable offensive force but James Harden demanded out, Ben Simmons never played and Kyrie Irving refused a COVID-19 shot.

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“Durant begs out after a single playoff series win” – The New York Post roast Kevin Durant on his decision to trade out of Brooklyn

Kevin Durant

The Brooklyn Nets are tangled in their own webs, being laughed and trolled at for the atrocious season they went through. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have been at the fore of that disappointment and mockery, the star leaders of a club, that on paper could have reached The Finals.

Kevin Durant’s decision to request a trade from Brooklyn comes as Kyrie Irving opted into his player option for $36.5 million next season with the Nets. This decision however, has been hugely unpopular in New York, as indicated by a headline in The New York Post after Durant’s trade decision was announced.

Kevin Durant has been mocked and trolled at, even by his former teammates this season. Kevin Durant’s legacy came into question after the Warriors won their second title without him, equaling their record with him. When the dust settles, Kevin Durant will still be regarded as one of the greatest scorers of the game, although him leaving the Brooklyn Nets is one which will buy him a lot of hate.

After leaving Golden State for the Nets in 2019, Durant attempted to gather his own squad and try to lead a championship run of his own. Irving and Durant joined the Nets during the summer of 2019, it’s been an era of disappointment and untapped potential thus far. The Big 3 of the Nets, consisting of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden played just 16 games together, making it hard to cash in fully on their names. Durant missed a quarter of this season due to a knee injury, Irving missed nearly two-thirds due to his refusal to get vaccinated, and Harden demanded a trade, one that brought back Ben Simmons, who still hasn’t played a game.

The whole scenario surrounding the team had been extremely upsetting considering the amount of the hype that was created on them making a title run once they had a full roster, but it was a complete hundred and eighty. The Nets are now at the risk of losing all of their ‘Big 3’ superstars, without even making the conference finals. Durant left Golden State to try something new, and it didn’t work and now his adventurous nature is to venture out of Brooklyn to try and find a team that resonates his abilities.

New York media is extremely harsh and KD being treated like this is no surprise. KD’s leaving OKC for Golden State is one of the most infamous decisions in league history and has affected his reputation. For the Nets, it means the end of a basketball experiment that always seemed based on spec, always felt heavy on what-ifs and what-might-be.

The two had come to Brooklyn as a package deal and the general consensus was that if the Nets did not extend Irving, then Durant would want out from the team. The situation is really messed up right now, with multiple sources even claiming that the fostering relationship between the duo has turned sour.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant looking for a way out of Brooklyn

It’s certainly a triple-double of problems, problems and more problems for the Nets as they face plenty of questions financially and technically. From figuring out a way for the team to get over the lows and win a championship, the team also has to take care of the business side and make sure they can continuously support the franchise financially to keep competing in the future. As for Kyrie and KD, the future looks uncertain, as we look forward to how the story develops. Heart reaches out to all the fans hoopers in Brooklyn, the dream was just too good to be true.

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