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“Doesn’t have the b*lls to play me” NFL star leaves $1300 tip at James Harden’s restaurant only to instigate him

Read and know more about the not so secret message of Chad Johnson for James Harden.

Chad Johnson and James Harden

James Harden is back in the headlines as recently he got trolled in his very own restaurant by former NFL player, Chad Johnson. It was indeed a very expensive troll. As it came with a tip of $1300 for the server, Quinton whose hard work didn’t just pay off but also brought him into the headlines. James Harden though received a challenge through the troll which he probably is refusing to part in for some good time now. But now it’s all publically revealed and he may have to do that soon.

James Harden- IMAGO / Sports Press Photo

Chad Johnson after tipping the server, left a very important message for James Harden at the bottom. Where the NFL star wrote: “James Harden is scared to play me in FIFA!!” Honestly, we don’t really have many stories of James Harden playing FIFA and getting the job done in there like he does on the NBA hardwood. James Harden is very capable of drilling three-pointers in fashion with his classic step back move and handles where he can destroy his rivals by dribbling through them.

But not many know if he can do the same in FIFA or not. The special message of Chad Johnson though hints at him being not that great at it. But again there’s always space for improvements and he may get that done. Right now, the special message by Chad Johnson for James Harden which he left at “Thirteen”, Beard’s restaurant is viral all over the internet. With fans demanding them to stream their fierce battle live so a winner can be decided.


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Can James Harden lead the Philadelphia 76ers to a championship?

James Harden and Joel Embiid

James Harden this season can surely lead the Philadelphia 76ers to a championship. As the squad is all back and healthy and we should also not forget that he has lost 100 pounds and told the reporters to tweet that. The Sixers now have a solid core to play out which has the potential to destroy any team. As it just ain’t easy when you have to go against Beard, Joel Embiid, Tyrese Maxey and real defenders like P.J. Tucker. They have also got an improved bench this season with some size added to it.

Honestly, it ain’t the front office this year which built the team. It’s the sacrifice by James Harden which has grouped these heroes together. Now they just have to build the best possible chemistry between them and if they are successful in doing so and manage to stay healthy in the postseason there aren’t many teams in the league who can stop them for four straight times.

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