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“Utter disbelief” – Nia Long’s first reaction recorded after Ime Udoka cheated with minority owner’s wife behind her back

Nia Long surfaces in public for the first time since being cheated on by Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka. The actress reacts to the scandal.

Nia Long and Ime Udoka

The Ime Udoka – Nia Long cheating scandal has escalated to levels no one would have thought of. The Hollywood actress is finally seen in public ever since the devastating news broke out and her reaction was recorded.


Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka is undoubtedly the biggest controversy in the NBA right now. From being one of the most appreciated personalities in the NBA last season, he has completely turned heel after his cheating scandal. The Nigerian has been suspended for the upcoming for his poor behavior.

It was revealed that Udoka slept with a female staff worker of the Boston Celtics organization but recent reports have suggested that Udoka did not stop with one staff worker but extended his cheating spree to several women associated with the organization.


Nia Long recently was caught in public and asked about her fiance’s affair. An Instagram page by the name of “theneighborhoodtalk” asked the actress about the recent controversies. Long was with her son and clearly hesitant to talk about the cheating. “No comments right now,” said Nia as she laughed off the questions.

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Ime Udoka might not coach in the NBA ever again

Ime Udoka

The Udoka escalated to unfathomable levels. If cheating and having inappropriate relationships with female co-workers was not enough, it turns out the coach had also had an intimate relationship with one of the Celtics owner’s wives.

Sports reporter Khaled Abdallah on Twitter wrote, “Team told him to chill but he kept doing whatever and then slept with a Celtics minority owners wife. That was too much for them and they suspended Ime. If it was mid-season they would’ve fired him but it’s offseason so more time to investigate and see what else he did,” in a detailed Twitter thread about Udoka’s scandal.

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Matt Barnes, former player, and ESPN analyst was one of the first to come out and reveal that the news about Udoka is deeper than what was revealed to the public. Turns out he was right from all the recent emerging reports. Should Ime receive a full-time ban from coaching in the NBA?

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