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“Luka Doncic imposed upon them a Seven game long psychological and physical warfare ” Nick Wright throws Devin Booker and Chris Paul under the buss after Game 7 choke job

Luka Doncic makes headlines across the globe with a scintillating performance, as Nick Wright reaffirms his faith in Doncic as the best player in the league.

Nick Wright hails Luka Doncic's heroics

Nick Wright was humiliated, mocked and laughed on when he predicted that the Luka Doncic led Mavericks would reach the Conference Finals, well nobody’s laughing at him now, are they! The Phoenix Suns hosted the Dallas Mavericks at Footprint Center for Game 7 of the series. A do-or-die situation for both the teams and the Phoenix Suns didn’t survive as the Mavericks emerged successful in pulling down the curtains on them. The Slovenian international took the NBA world by storm with his solo performance and they secured an encounter against the Golden State Warriors to set up a high profile clash.


It’s the second consecutive year the Suns have lost a playoff series after having a 2-0 lead. They won the first two games against the Bucks in the NBA Finals in 2021, and went on to lose 4 games straight. Mavericks buried the game before halftime, Doncic had the hoop set in his crosshairs, that helped Dallas push to a 27-17 advantage in the first quarter and a whopping 57-27 cushion at the halftime break.

Phoenix’s All-Star backcourt of Paul and Devin Booker was rocked to the core and couldn’t recover at all , Booker finished with a measly 11 points and shot 3 of 14 while Paul had 10 points and four assists. The Suns shot just 37.9% from the field as Cam Johnson led all Suns scorers with 12 points off of the bench. 


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“Luka Doncic is something special” – Nick Wright

Luka Doncic vs Devin Booker

Everyone expected the Phoenix Suns-Dallas Mavericks to be a boring, one-sided series, Mavericks took that personally as Doncic and Co. rallied it to Game 7 despite being 2-0 down , and topped it all off with an emphatic victory in Arizona. On the recent episode of ‘First Thing First’, Nick Wright went off on Booker while praising Luka, arguing that the 23-year-old is better than Book and Chris Paul combined. In the seven & half quarters since Devin Booker said “The Luka Special”, Luka Doncic has 67 points & the Mavs are up by 40 in Game 7, outscoring the duo of CP3 and Devin Booker.

” What happened when they were down three games to two, who stepped up, who made sure his team won by a combined 60 points in the final two games of this series, who sent the 64-win defending Western Conference Champions home , Luka-bleeping-Doncic, just like he did to AC Milan when he was 17, just like he did to Argentina in the Olympics when he was 22, just like he would have tired last year to bruise beloved clippers, if he had any little tiny teensy bit of help.”

He would have but he just needed a little bit of help, finally Luka got a little bit of help and all of a sudden that snarl I’ve been teaching him since he was 6 years old, he got to break out on these fake tough guys in Phoenix. The only person I feel badly for is my dear friend Lil Wayne who had the best seat in the house to watch his best friend chris paul get baptized repeatedly by Luca “ – Nick Wright ranted as he hailed Luka Doncic’s heroics against the Suns.

It’s not just that the Mavs have the best player in the series, the Mavs’ best player is better than the Suns’ best two players combined,” Wright said. “And you know, I am feeling good this morning. Nothing better than having a nice familiar thing. My actual son tweeting about my large adult Slovenian son [Luka Doncic]. Well, get that, 33, 11, 8 and 4. More points, more rebounds, more assists, more steals, for all you defense fetishizes out there, and a clear 12 fewer turnovers.

Do you feel that? It’s the vise tightening on Devin Booker and Chris Paul. Chris Paul, four times in his career has 2-0 leads, that’s the most in NBA history. Could we have a fifth? And Devin Booker had the audacity, the unmitigated gall to mock a clearly superior player… A lot of pressure on the Suns for Game 7.” Nick had picked his man for Game 7 prior to the showdown on Sunday.

The world has taken notice of this legend in the making, a beast on the court by the name of Luka ‘Don’cic. The Slovenian has come a long way and he’s not ready to stop the journey. He went off for 35 points and 10 rebounds in half an hour of play, as CP3 and Devin Booker could only stand and witness one of the best postseason performance by a rising star. Luka’s next challenge is the Warriors, Steph vs Doncic, the dream live on in Dallas as an army of Mavericks take on the army of Warriors for the crown of Western Conference Champion.

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