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“It’s easy to say ‘you know I’m going, I want to look LeBron in his eye’” Shannon Sharpe believes Kevin Durant and Warriors was a fruitful marriage

Shannon Sharpe retrospects on Warriors dynasty including Kevin Durant calling in a beneficial fruitful marriage

Kevin Durant was not part of the Golden State Warriors title celebration this season after winning the NBA Finals. The Warriors dominated Game 6 offensively and concluded the score at 103-90. There was a lot of pressure coming into this series for the Warriors team as this was their first appearance in two years and first without KD.

Kevin Durant

Stephen Curry carried the Dubs through the playoffs. The Boston Celtics were a legitimate threat for them as they were defensively powerful. Steph averaged 31.2 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists in the finals earning himself the title of FMVP for the very first time. He was criticized the most by multiple experts stating that the point guard did not have anything to do with the 2017 and 2018 title runs.

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Kevin Durant claimed he did not feel accepted in the Bay Area

Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and Stephen Curry

Kevin Durant was hands down the best player on the roster of the Warriors dynasty. The current forward for the Brooklyn Nets became a two-time Finals MVP during both championship runs. The reasons he gave on why he left GSW would make one question the intentions he had joining the team. He spoke to the Wall Street Journal following his decision to leave saying he did not feel accepted.

As time went on, I started to realize I’m just different from the rest of the guys,” he said. “It’s not a bad thing. Just my circumstances and how I came up in the league. And on top of that, the media always at it like KD and the Warriors. So it’s like nobody could get a full acceptance of me there.”

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Shannon Sharpe calls the Warriors dynasty a fruitful marriage

Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe was very analytical of the situation between Golden State and Kevin Durant. The question whether KD’s legacy would change after the Dubs won a ring without him. He said, “That Kevin Durant needed Golden State as much as the Warriors needed him. Both of them benefited. It was like a marriage. I think both parties should get something out of the marriage.

“And I believe both parties got something out of the marriage. Kevin Durant needed championships, the Warriors wanted to get more championships. You see they got in there for totally different reasons, but they both got something out of this marriage. “ He also said, “It’s easy to say ‘you know I’m going, I want to look LeBron in his eye’ when you got the U.S military behind you. They needed each other.”

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