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“LeBron James’ impact on the game is unparalleled” Shannon Sharpe buries all claims of Stephen Curry edging past Lakers star in any Basketball book

While Stephen Curry has chance to win his 4th NBA title equaling LeBron's Count, Shannon Sharp maintains that LeBron James has more impact on the game than the Warriors' Guard

Shannon Sharp on LeBron James and Stephen Curry comparisons

Sports media personality and former NFL star Shannon Sharp cleared the debate about the most impactful player between Lakers’ LeBron James and Warriors’ Stephen Curry, as he praised the King for his contribution in the league over the course of his-19 years.

Stephen Curry and Golden State Warriors made it into the NBA finals defeating Dallas Mavericks in 5 games. It is their 6th Finals appearance in the last 8 seasons, giving a new ray of hope for the Dub Nation, who patiently waited for 2 seasons to witness their team fight with full power. Also, it fueled some speculations, over Stephen Curry winning his NBA Finals MVP Award along with the 4th NBA title. Many speculated this incredible feat could put Curry among the top players in the league history, and dethrone LeBron James as the best player of this era. Shannon Sharp supporting the King explains his views on why LeBron is irreplaceable from that spot.

On the latest episode of “Undisputed”, Skip Bayless came up with an article claiming Stephen Curry could eclipse LeBron James if he wins the 4th NBA Championship and Finals MVP Award. Skip looked satisfied with the comparison and the point made in the article. But Shannon Sharp had his views supporting the former Cavs sensation.

Shannon Sharp chooses LeBron James over Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry and LeBron James in an all star game

Skip Bayless supported the argument made about Curry eclipsing LeBron James winning his 4th title. Steph also has a very good chance of winning the Finals MVP award, the only accolade missing from his resume. Stephen Curry is among the top 15 players of the League, but also the one without any Finals MVP trophy, despite reaching the Finals on 5 previous occasions.

“LeBron James’ impact on the game is unparalleled” Shannon Sharpe buries all claims of Stephen Curry edging past Lakers star in any Basketball book 2

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Shannon Sharp lauded Curry’s skills and capabilities as a player, but he thinks that LeBron James is a more impactful player than the Warriors marksman. He said, “Steph has been phenomenal, but he’s not LeBron. LeBron’s impact on the game is unparalleled. No basketball aficionado is willing to say that Steph is a greater basketball player than LeBron.”

To support his point of view, former NFL champion Sharp gave out the comparison between two superstars based on personal accolades won. LeBron James has been on the Defensive team for 6 seasons, whereas Steph is yet to make his debut on that team. Also in his 19 seasons in the League, LeBron never missed an All NBA team selection and All-star selection, except for his rookie season. Steph has 9 selections in his 13 seasons in the league.

Stephen Curry and Lebron James during Cavaliers vs Warriors

Talking about the other aspects of the game, Shannon added, “LeBron’s impact is unparallel. The way he can control the entirety of the game (is unparallel).” LeBron is a better rebounder than Stephen Curry and his height allowed him to be a better shot blocker. While Stephen Curry excelled on the offensive end of the floor, as per Shannon Sharp, LeBron covers all the aspects of the game.

Also, he put forward the argument that Stephen Curry could never lead the team to the Finals LeBron had done before, like the 2007 Cavaliers. The debate may go all along but there is no doubt that James is a better all-around player than Stephen Curry, while Curry is a better shooter than LBJ for any range.

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