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“Stephen Curry is seven layered ganache” Shannon Sharpe disagrees with Stephen Curry’s comparison to Tim Duncan on-court, prior to Game 3

Shannon Sharpe lauds Stephen Curry's charisma on-court, says he is similar to Tim Duncan in off-court behavior.

Shannon Sharpe weighs in on the Stephen Curry-Tim Duncan comparison.

Stephen Curry has been called many things, from ‘Baby-faced Assassin’ to ‘3-point God’, Shannon Sharpe just added ‘7 layered Ganache’ to that list. If any defense in the league was celebrating Stephen Curry being past his prime, you will be in drowned by his 3’s, as the 2-time MVP is showing no signs of stopping. Golden State don’t give up, they conquer, which is what they did as they defended their home court in an emphatic 107-88 victory against the Eastern Conference Champions, Boston Celtics, to tie the series going into Boston, with Stephen Curry leading the way.

The score at halftime was 52-50 in favor of the Warriors, with the Celtics snapping at their heels. The 3rd quarter began , and so did the decimation by the Warriors, as they were spearheaded by their ‘Achilles’, Stephen Curry. It was absolute carnage at the Chase Centre as Curry put on a show and Poole topped it off with a jaw-dropping 3 pointer. Steph Curry led the way for Golden State with 29 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, while Jordan Poole added 17 points off of the bench. The Warriors forced 18 Boston turnovers and they scored 33 points off of those turnovers, which was a big factor in the outcome of the game.

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson

Jayson Tatum paced the Celtics with 28 points and 6 rebounds, with 21 of those coming in the first half itself. However, his production wasn’t enough as only two other Celtics players scored in double figures. Jaylen Brown added 17 for the Celtics, but fought through a 5-for-17 shooting night, and Derrick White scored 12.Now, the series shifts to Boston for Games 3 and 4. 

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“We have never seen someone like him” – Shannon Sharpe was all praises for Stephen Curry’s finesse

Shannon Sharpe and Stephen Curry

There was a lot of speculation about where Golden State will be at the end of this NBA season, after suffering their worst couple of years in recent history. People forget that ‘Warriors’ is their name, a part of who they are, as Poole found his groove, Klay made a comeback after being out for 2.5 years, and Curry, well he being the Chef has deep fried all his opponents. Steph Curry is playing alongside some great teammates, so averaging double of them is astounding. 63 points in 2 Games, against the best drilled defensive side, Steph is pumped up for the NBA Finals, he wants that 4th Ring.

Steph Curry’s legacy has been talked about a lot lately. Curry is looking to win his fourth NBA championship and first Finals MVP trophy. Fox Sports’ Shannon Sharpe believes, that Steph will enter the top 10 greatest list if the Golden State Warriors win. He further voiced his disagreement with the Warrior’s coach, Steve Kerr, when he compared Steph and Tim Duncan and said they were similar in nature. On Fox Sports’ morning show Skip and Shannon: Undisputed, the former NFL star believes that the off-court comparison is fair. But on the court, Curry is a different than Duncan.

“I see more similarities off the court. On the court they are totally different people. We’ve never seen a superstar celebrate like Steph Curry. We have never seen it. Shooting the shot and turning around, the shimmying. Tim Duncan was fundamentally sound. Duncan would hit a shot and run back down the court and that was it. I don’t see the on-court similarities. If there are cakes, Tim Duncan is a bun cake, Steph Curry is a seven-layered ganache. He is whipped cream, he is sauce, he is all these things, Tim Duncan was none of that.” Shannon said about the 3-time champ

The pair have lead quiet lives, with the former San Antonio Spurs superstar barely making the news with his off-court activities. Stephen Curry’s modesty mixed with the level he plays at, is remarkable to say the least. Steph Curry exhibits a humility in how he goes about his daily business that his teammates admire, a superstar who doesn’t worry how many points he scores from night to night, assists he dishes out or arm flexes he gets to perform. Despite that, he manages to shimmy and have fun with his teammates on-court, while having pinpoint accuracy in winning games.

Stephen Curry

Beware of the Splash Brothers Boston. The Warriors will be content to go to Boston tied at 1-1, however, in the words of the legendary Kobe Bryant, “Job’s Not Finished”. All is not lost for Boston, the Celtics need to only win their remaining home games to become champions, though that won’t be easy against a Warriors team that has won at least one road game in an NBA-record 26 consecutive playoff series. Things are getting serious, it’s going to go down the wire, as the armies battle it out in Michigan, who will emerge with the NBA Trophy, prepare to be entertained as Game 3 comes up, and bring an umbrella Steph loves to ‘splash’ the ball a lot.

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