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“They will be 2-0 up on road” Shannon Sharpe makes bold prediction as Boston Celtics comeback to upset Golden State Warriors at home

Shannon Sharpe calls out set backs of the Golden State Warriors and predicts that Boston Celtics will go 2-0 at the Chase Center after tragic Dubs loss in Game 1.

The Golden State Warriors were left confused after being dominated into fourth quarter by the Boston Celtics. They were up by almost 15 points at the end of the third quarter but the Celtics defense started tightening around their scoring ability. Towards the end of the fourth quarter, the Celtics went on a 17-0 run and finished with 40 points by the end of it.

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry had 34 points, 2 assists and 2 rebounds after erupting during the opening minutes with 6 three-pointers. He now holds the record for most three in a single quarter of a playoff game. Jayson Tatum lacked in scoring with only 12 points but made up for it dishing out 13 assists on facilitation. Celtics shot 50.6% from the field, 51.2% from three and 81.3% from the line.

Steph Curry opens up about shortcomings of Game vs. Celtics

Stephen Curry leaves Jaylen Brown scrambling

The Golden State Warriors always tend to come back strong from such disasters, so we think. Curry who tried to help his team win spoke about the fourth quarter upset saying, “It’s not ideal, but we believe in who we are and how we deal with adversity. How we’ve responded all year, how we respond in the playoffs after a loss. Learned a lot from that fourth quarter, obviously, they made a lot of shots.”

“You know they have a team that just finds a little bit of momentum like they did and they keep making shots, so it’s tough to kind of regain that momentum. And the guys that are obviously making the shots, Al, Marcus, Derrick White, Jaylen early in the fourth, they played well,” he said. “We know they are a good team, so we’ve gotta respond on Sunday.”

Shannon Sharpe highlights Celtics’ defense on Warriors during Game 1 with bold predication

“They will be 2-0 up on road” Shannon Sharpe makes bold prediction as Boston Celtics comeback to upset Golden State Warriors at home 2

Shannon Sharpe had picked the Celtics to win over the Golden State Warriors. Following Game 1, his pick proved to the world exactly why he went with the rookie team over the veterans of the finals. “They will be up 2-0 on the road,” predict the analyst,“I thought it was very interesting how they started the game. They started the game and put Al Horford on Draymond. They put Robert Williams and put him on Andrew Wiggins, I was like,’ WHAT!?!’”

Boston tried to hold off all the scorers on the Dubs roster. Based on that, Sharpe continued saying, “There was no (Jordan) Poole party… Steph understands the intensity that comes along with it. He (Poole) doesn’t because he’s never been in the finals and how guys they let you play.” He also said, “You need Poole to go along with Steph, and you need Klay.”

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