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“If he’s jumping on someone’s podcast, I sure hope it’s mine” Shannon Sharpe urges ‘his GOAT’ LeBron James to appear on ClubShayShay 

Get to know all the latest updates and news from the world of NBA surrounding Lakers star LeBron James.

Shannon Sharpe and LeBron James

Having spent 19 years in the NBA giving his all, LeBron James has always been summoned for all his action on and off court. Amid these power-packed 19 years, playing the highest level of basketball with the greatest beasts in the world, Bron has just gone onto showcase that he is once in a generation talent. Which is surely admired and acknowledged by sports media personality Shannon Sharpe. 

The former NFL star turned analyst has never shied away from praising LeBron James and has no hesitance in regarding the Los Angeles Lakers star as the arguable GOAT of basketball. So, when his favorite Bballer announced to be making his way into ‘someone’s podcast or perhaps his own, Undisputed co-host Sharpe is keen on having an interaction with the 37-year-old veteran at all costs. 

Shannon Sharpe and LeBron James

Will LeBron James ever feature on ClubShayShay? 

Now to those who are not aware about the initial part of this story, during Game 2 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics, LeBron decided to tweet about making a possible podcast appearance, possibly starting a podcast in his name to talk about it. 

On which Sharpe feels that is someone deserves LeBron James’ presence on their podcast, it surely should be him. Not only is he a huge admirer of him, but Sharpe has been critical upon each and every of his take on the King. 

Lebron James and Brittney Griner

LeBron’s last major podcast appearance came after the 2020 Championship on Richard Jefferson’s Road Trippin. Given that LeBron has always urged that he has no intention of stating his basketball acumen to the fans, as everyone is already an ‘expert’ these days, it seems like the King’s next podcast appearance could be a serious one, especially knowing that majority personnel in the NBA want WNBA star Brittney Griner back to her home land. 

LeBron James

That being said, there has already been a lot of socio-political turmoil outside basketball that LeBron James will most likely feel like talking about, but he probably will address the ongoing NBA Finals with potential Griner’s detention issue, which seems to be getting worse as we speak. 

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