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“Chuck you Suckkk!” Shaquille O’Neal leads Warriors’ fans chant only to humiliate Charles Barkley even further

Fans react to Shaquille O’Neal joining the Dub Nation with “Chuck you suck” chants to troll Charles Barkley after the Golden State Warriors get past the Dallas Mavericks in Game 5 and advance to the NBA Finals.

Shaquille O'Neal, Dub Nation and Charles Barkley

Shaquille O’Neal is enjoying his time alongside the NBA on TNT crew as they cover the western conference finals. He is having a lot of fun spectating the rivalry between Charles Barkley and the Dub Nation as even he gets a part of it every now and then. Charles Barkley has never been riding with the Golden State Warriors as he isn’t a fan of their playstyle and always favors their rivals to win. This time he favored the Phoenix Suns to win the west. But as soon as the Luka Doncic led Dallas Mavericks pulled down the curtains on them he hopped on their bus. The Dub Nation just didn’t like this behavior of his and got very angry when he came out with “Let’s Go Mavs” Chants outside the Chase Center as they hit him back with “Chuck you suck” chants. Shaquille O’Neal though has been riding with the Stephen Curry-led Golden State Warriors since Day 1 and now gets to enjoy the new rivalry as he also hyped the crowd up.


The NBA on TNT crew of Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Shaquille O’Neal was present outside the Chase Center covering the Game 5 as the Golden State Warriors hosted the Dallas Mavericks. It was a do-or-die situation for the Mavericks and unfortunately, they didn’t survive. As this time Klay Thompson stepped up and got the job done by running the offensive end single-handedly and backing up Stephen Curry who walked away with the western conference finals MVP Trophy. The final box score stands at 120-110 favoring the Golden State Warriors and Klay Thompson gets the most credits for it.

Charles Barkley and Dub Nation

Shaquille O’Neal knew the chants were going to come in as he hyped the crowd up in Game 1 itself on the National Television. But this time he did it all again but while being proud as the Dubs won and Charles Barkley along with his Luka Doncic led Dallas Mavericks fell on the unfortunate end. A video clip of Shaquille O’Neal (recorded by a fan) stands viral on the internet as he is enjoying his time outside the Chase Center while joining the Dub Nation to troll Chuck.

Charles Barkley

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Fans react to Shaquille O’Neal joining the Dub Nation with “Chuck you suck” chants to troll Charles Barkley

Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley

A video clip of Shaquille O’Neal hyping up the Dub Nation to troll Charles Barkley stands viral on the internet. Even Shaq himself jumps in and chants “Chuck you suck” after the Warriors get the dub and advance to the NBA Finals. Things though got heated up in the rivalry as the crowd started throwing shirts and objects on Charles Barkley’s head. But it’s all cool between the former NBA players as Shaq and Chuck are now long-time mates. There are thousands of reactions to offer for this new rivalry with Shaq in the conversation. Find some of many such reactions posted by fans on social media platforms regarding the rivalry here below:

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