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“It’s happening once again” Sixers potentially reuniting James Harden and Kevin Durant as agents spotted together at the Hamptons

Kevin Durant's agent found partying with 76ers players and Daryl Morey making a potential reunion with James Harden

Kevin Durant dropped the most shocking news of him wanting out of his current team. The Brooklyn Nets had a terrible season with an unreliable and deteriorating roster. After having a good stint at the top of the Eastern Conference for a month or two, injuries started to weaken the team’s productivity and power. The Nets were left out of the playoff run after being swept in the first round against the Boston Celtics.

Kevin Durant

The former MVP and two-time NBA Champion left the Golden State Warriors in 2019 because he felt unwanted and decided to be the center reason for a team’s title victory. Ironically, he did not realize he was abandoning a “golden” opportunity to solidify his legacy as an All-time great. The parties involved have yet to make a decision on where to send him.

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Kevin Durant signs a four-year extension and bails on the Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant

One cannot blame Kevin Durant for demanding a trade out of a very risky situation involving Kyrie Irving. The former rookie of the year spent more than half a season without playing and the negative impact it had on team was tenfold. This forced James Harden to leave the Nets as he felt there were other teams more interest and eager to win. The beard also happens to be ring-less even after winning almost every important accolade.

Much like he former teammate, KD is also running out of time as he will soon turn 34-years old. The player signed a four-year $198 million deal with Brooklyn valid up till the 2025-26 season which will most likely be his final year. There are several teams interested in acquiring him such as the Phoenix Suns, Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors and his former team as well. None have the assets to give away in order to acquire him.

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Philadelphia 76ers may make moves to pair James Harden with Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant and James Harden at OKC

It was during Harden’s time in the absence of Irving that the Nets had a small duration as the top team in the Eastern Conference. Kevin Durant also has a lot of experience working with the beard during their time together at OKC. But it seems like the pair might potentially play together for the third time in their career.

Harden was expected to might with his agents at the Hamptons to discuss a multi-year contract with the Sixers. Shockingly, the Slim Reaper’s agent Rich Kleiman was also present the same party with the beard and his teammates. Daryl Morey also happened to be present with Joel Embiid and newly acquired PJ Tucker. A combination of all four player is a very deadly situation for the rest of the league as his signing with the Warriors also happened in a similar fashion.

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