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“He just keeps bringing it up and bringing it up” Skip Bayless feels Draymond Green is obsessed with Curry rant over Durant

Read to know more about Skip Bayless and Draymond Green going back and forth about Kevin Durant's presence in the Warriors.

Draymond Green, Kevin Durant and Skip Bayless

According to Skip Bayless, Draymond Green is preoccupied with bringing up Kevin Durant in a Twitter debate sparked by Draymond’s podcast. Green creates the idea that he is attacking KD by stating that Steph Curry ran the offence during their time together. Following the Golden State Warriors’ Game 2 victory, Draymond Green was full of praise for Stephen Curry’s offensive performance. Through the first two games of the NBA 2022 Finals, Curry has averaged 31.5 points and six three-pointers per game. Steph scored 29 points in barely three quarters in Game 2’s victory. Given recent circumstances, though, the name of Kevin Durant drew a lot of attention.


Draymond Green’s comments on KD and Steph Curry

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green

On the Colin Cowherd podcast, former defensive player of the year, Draymond Green discussed Stephen Curry’s lack of Finals MVPs, saying “Kevin Durant was incredible in those Finals runs, as you know, you watched it, we all watched it. Steph Curry got double-teamed probably seven times the amount that KD did in a given series.” This was “100% false” according to Durant, resulting in a back-and-forth between KD and some Warriors supporters, as well as Green.

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe on “Undisputed”.

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless

According to Skip Bayless, “Draymond just keeps bringing it up and bringing it up. Like, ‘now we’re this and Steph starts our offence, not KD.'” Draymond proceeded to praise Steph Curry while denying that Durant was in command of the offense. Skip Bayless believes Green is “obsessed with exorcising the ghost of Kevin Durant” because he has overused the topic. After Game 2, Green was asked how Golden State has so far been able to depend on Steph Curry for their offense, to which Green replied: “Our offense is always a lot of Steph, it all starts with Steph. … When KD was here, our offence still started with Steph.”

Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and Stephen Curry

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Three-time NBA champion Steph Curry has demonstrated his ability to run the offence. Durant has established himself as one of the best shooters of all time, yet he falls short of Steph Curry. Draymond Green made an attempt to include it in his remarks, even though he didn’t have to.

Steph has won more championships than KD and currently holds the record for most 3-pointers made. A Few anticipated that Green and Curry to play together for ten seasons after being picked by the Warriors in the 2012 Draft. With their combined experience, it’s understandable that Green would praise Curry.

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