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“You have on a watered down green suit because that’s how the Celtics played last night” Skip Bayless pokes fun at Shannon Sharpe after Boston’s nervy performance in Game 7

Shannon Sharpe was pleased with his pick Boston Celtics and Skip Bayless puts doubt on their credentials against the warriors.

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Shannon Sharpe’s pick won the Eastern Conference Finals late in FTX arena which clearly made Undisputed co-host go berserk. Angry with the ‘fate’ Skip Bayless didn’t miss the chance to poke fun at the Boston Celtics and even made a future prediction for them only to trigger the former NFL player.

Miami Heat lost the Eastern Conference Finals series against Boston Celtics. Both teams played their hearts out in the game, but for Skip Bayless, it was mere luck than performance for the Celtics. Moreover, Skip Bayless wasn’t impressed by their performances in these playoffs. He and his co-host Shannon Sharpe have been at odds ever since the Eastern Conference finals began. Shannon, impressed by the win over Milwaukee Bucks, picked the Celtics to win the series. But it was Miami all together for 70-years old Skip.

Ime Udoka’s Boston Celtics won Game 7 on the road, on the other hand Miami’s efforts wouldn’t prove enough. Shannon was obviously over the moon with his predictions and Skip was in no mood for any fun. He tried to devalue the achievement by adding the luck factor to the Celtics’ win.

Skip Bayless takes on Shannon Sharpe, Celtics and even predicts the NBA finals verdict

Skip Bayless

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless opened their Undisputed show after the conclusion of the Eastern Conference Finals. The former NFL star dawned a green suit to show support for the Celtics and asked for some recognition for his correct prediction. Skip Bayless, not happy with the outcome took a dig at Shannon.

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“I will give you this” Skip said, “You have worn a watered-down green suit because watered-down is how those guys played last night. They were watered-down green last night, that’s what it is.”

Skip Bayless looks at the series differently and considers the Boston Celtics got lucky in the Game 7. He also considered that they were fortunate the entire series as the injury to reigning Sixth Man of the Year, Tyler Herro limited Miami Heat offensively. Also, injuries and inflammation issues affected Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry.

Tyler Herro of Miami Heat

Butler was dealing with a sore knee throughout the series and was evidently not 100%. Lowry also missed the first 2 games of the series, while Tyler Herro was not available in the series. Shannon Sharpe tough considered that Boston also had faced some adversity and the series was played on even grounds. He had an Eastern Conference Finals MVP Jayson Tatum Jersey and tried to ignite some spark in Skip picking Boston Celtics over Golden State Warriors for the finals.

Stephen Curry and Golden State Warriors Team

Skip Bayless was animated with the concept of that and wasn’t happy with Boston Celtics stars’ capabilities, picks Golden State to win in seven games. Boston’s stars are inactive in front of a home crowd and also the difference between Championship experience would put the Warriors in the driving seat.

Stephen Curry of Golden State Warriors

Skip said, “I was not that impressed with what your Celtics just did, their path to the Finals. … The Golden State Warriors, they’ve just been here and done this so much more than your team has.” He added, “And in the end, these things become 3-point shooting contests. Last night, Miami, at home in a Game 7, shot 6-30. 24 missed threes. (When they missed 38 threes in Game 5), it was the second-most in the history of the league. … Will Golden State miss 38 threes?”

Well, the combined finals experience on the Warriors team is around 123 games whereas it is zero for the Celtics. Further, they do have a more potent and well-equipped team for the Finals. But Boston has proved their mantle against many strong teams in the 2022 postseason, they have a stronger defense than the Warriors have faced till in the 2022 postseasons.

The series will start on 1st June at Chase Center and both teams have won one game apiece in the regular season. Finals are very interesting without any doubt and we will get to see who among these analysts has the last laugh.

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