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“Wants to retire as Hollywood Laker” Skip Bayless savagely disses LeBron James as he signs 2-year $97 Million extension

Skip Bayless once again hits out at Lebron James for his "selfish behaviour"

Lebron James, Skip Bayless

Famous Fox Sports Presenter and Former ESPN commentator Skip Bayless fired fresh salvos at four-time NBA champion Lebron James, after the latter signed a $97 million deal with Los Angeles Lakers which will keep him in LA till the end of the 2024-25 season

This contract extension will not only make the 37-year-old James the highest earning player in the League’s history with $532 million in guaranteed returns over the course of his 19-year-old career but will also take him past the current highest paid star Kevin Durant.

LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Which makes sense for a player of Lebron’s stature, should he continue scoring at his typical pace of 27 points per game, he will have overtaken Kareem Abdul Jabbar as the highest point scorer in the history of NBA but for that he should steer clear of any injuries.

LeBron James’ stint with the Los Angeles Lakers

Lebron James goes for a layup

After leading the Cavaliers to another finals rematch in 2018 and subsequently losing the series, Lebron James opted out of his contract with the Cavaliers thereby making him an unrestricted free agent. On the 1st of July Lebron’s management company Klutch sports announced that the four-time NBA will join the Lakers in the upcoming season but much to everyone’s dismay this season was marred by various injuries.

It also was the first the season in 12 years where the veteran didn’t make it to the All-NBA First Team. However, this was soon to change, in the following season Lebron was paired up with pelicans’ big man Anthony Davis and went on to lead them to their 17th NBA title that season.

Fans’ reaction to Bayless’s comments on LeBron

Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless from the time Lebron entered his rookie year has been critical of the champ. He is a well-known critic of James and knows no bounds when it comes to James, often he is seen crossing limits and targeting James’s personal life as well. Quite recently he was seen slandering James’s elder son Bronny after the latter dropped an out of the world dunk during his Europe tour.

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Like his previous tweets on James, this tweet of his where he disses LeBron for extending his contract at lakers, Bayless once again faced public outrage with various users calling him “racist” among other things. Most twitter users defended the four-time MVP’s deal with them stating “the best player on the team shouldn’t have to take a pay cut “and that “Lebron is leader”.

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