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“This guy would rip your heart out” Skip Bayless says John Salley comparing Luka Doncic to Larry Bird is ‘offensive to me’

Skip Bayless got hot again as he thrashes the comparison between Larry Bird and Luka Doncic. He gave out the differentiating trait between two superstars.

Luka Doncic of Dallas Mavericks, Larry Bird of Boston Celtics and Skip Bayless

There have been some Sports analyst who have seldom been able to fetch the headlines, on of which is 70-year-old Skip Bayless who Skip recently got furious over the comparison between Luka Doncic and Larry Bird, and further illustrated the “Bird actions” over the same

Former 4-time NBA Champion John Salley was on the Rich Eisen show to discuss the ongoing playoff series. While talking about Dallas Mavericks and their run in the playoffs, he compares the killer instinct of Luka Doncic with one of the best in the sport – Larry Bird. Hearing that, long-time NBA follower and analyst Skip Bayless felt “offensive” and gave out his views on the comparisons. He also pointed out the superiority of Larry over Luka. Even though Luka Doncic is just 23 years old and into his 4th season in the league, Bayless decided to have no mercy.

Comparing two players from different generations is always intriguing, but nearly impossible. Still, Bird and Doncic do have some similarities worth noting. Both right-handed stars can score at their will and even have similar heights.

Skip Bayless differentiates Larry Bird and Luka Doncic on their personality basis

Mark Cuban and Luka Doncic

The comparison made by Salley was on basis of players’ mentality and the effects they have on their opponents. Skip uses the same theory but disagrees with the points made by Salley. John commented, “Larry Bird would put fear in me and everyone else just like Luka does.” But Skip sees things differently. He has an issue with the “fear factor” comparison made in the comment.

Skip Bayless

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Bayless – who covered NBA for nearly two decades now, considers that Larry Bird’s effect was far more ‘severe’ than that of Luka Doncic. Skip said, “He (Larry) is the baddest white boy who ever play. This guy was cold blooded basketball killer. This guy was assassin. This guy would rip your heart out. I am not sure I am seeing that in Luka just yet.”

3-time NBA Champion Larry Bird was one of few players who changed the course of the sport with his efficient mid-range and even long-range shooting. His clutch plays were “phenomenal” – if any word could be able to describe them, and the so-called “killer instinct” was matched by no one else in the league. That’s why Larry was feared by his opponents and it was a sign of respect for his gameplay.  

Larry bird revenge plays

As far as Luka is considered, Skip sees the talent and the capability in the Slovenian star, and also said he is looking forward to his developments. But right now comparing him to “Larry Legend” would be too early. Luka himself had admitted the greatness of the Celtics’ Icon and distances himself from the comparisons in the past.

Larry Bird of Boston Celtics

Well looking at game 2 against Golden State Warriors in the 2022 Western Conference Finals, where Doncic and Mavericks surrendered 19 point lead, would not give Luka much of a chance to stand in comparison with multi-award winning Larry Bird (the only player to win most possible individual awards In NBA including best Coach and best GM award). But he has a long way to go in the league and has a chance to go closer to the “the Hick from French Lick”.

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