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“Get off the couch and work on your free throws!” Skip Bayless throws major shade at LeBron James in response to his latest ad

Skip Bayless has some tough words for Los Angeles Lakers marquee and his 'favorite' LeBron James yet again.

LeBron James and Ruffles agreed to multi-year deal late last year. The 37-year-old veteran since then has been seen in multiple Ruffles advertisements. In a recent advertisement, LeBron can be seen confused in which flavor to choose. He eventually ends up choosing both. Skip Bayless, however, did not find the advertisement hilarious as it is intended to be.

LeBron James

Skip Bayless took to twitter to express his harsh critics against the NBA superstar. This would not be the first time Skip has targeted LeBron. After the disastrous season of LA Lakers, many had levied accusations at the 4 time champion.

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Skip Bayless has a dig at LeBron James over his ad

Skip Bayless used the Ruffles ad to take a dig at the four-time champion:

“Hey, LeGone: my answer to your question, flamin’ hot or cheddar & sour cream? NEITHER. Lay off the chips, wine, tequila. You must get in better shape for next year, your 20th. You kept running out of gas in closing time. And please, get off the couch and work on your free throws!”

After the disappointing season of the Lakers’ the 18xAll-Star could be seen in his social media, relaxing and unwinding. After the much deserved rest, the 37 year old posted pictures of him in the gym, working for the next season and getting himself ready.

To the “Undisputed” co-host, LeBron seemed gassed on the court on numerous occasions. Skip, James’ unapologetic critic, pointed out that LeBron did not contribute at the times needed.

It is quite funny that Skip, with his couch-NBA experience, is judging the contribution that LeBron is bringing to the team.  He does not understand the value that LeBron adds to the team by his experience and knowledge of the game. The 2 factors that the team failed to capitalize on. Had the roster been well built, the Lakers would have had been an unstoppable force. And for couch-NBA expertise like Skip, LeBron would not have had been an easy target. LeBron, despite his age, had contributed what he could during the 2021-22 season. But there is so much that he can do as a 37year old. It is the roster that has to use him at times needed and grasp his expertise for propelling the team to wins.

LeBron might have had missed a couple clutch free throws or even failed to contribute the ‘LeBron factor’ at times needed. But from his tweet, it is pretty clear that LeBron does not like sitting on his couch, watching the other play in playoffs, and is putting in the work this off-season.

That being said all eyes will be on LeBron James and how the Los Angeles Lakers, whoa re 17xNBA Champions going to shape their roster surrounding their marquee scorer. Many expect the King to be one of the most vengeful players in the 2022-23 season, will he be able to live up to that hype after missing the postseason this season? Time will unravel all answers.

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