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“He and the NBA should be ashamed of themselves” Stephen A. Smith criticises leniency given towards Robert Sarver’s punishment

Stephen A. Smith shares a piece of his mind amidst Robert Sarver's suspension saying the NBA should have been more stern against his actions

Robert Sarver is currently being cancelled by the NBA entirely because of his uncultured actions against women and the Black community. He was recently booked for misogyny, sexual misdemeanour, and racism but several individuals working with the NBA and WNBA as well. It seems that the entire league wants no part with his presence.

Robert Sarver

The Phoenix Suns owner was suspended as a result of his behavior and fined $10 million as compensation. According to many athletes and league associates, the NBA should have fired him when the accusations were brought to concern. Commissioner Adam Silver stated that he could only go as far as he did with the punishements and he did not have any right, “to take away his team.”

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Stephen A. Smith wants Robert Sarver to be ashamed of himself

Stephen A Smith

The entire league is currently in a frenzy as to what has to be done in order to tame such mishaps around the league. Stephen A. Smith also joined in to pitch his opinion of the punishment. “They’ve fined him as much as they possibly could undering collective bargaining or the NBA bylaws rather. But you certainly could’ve have suspended him longer than a year.”

“You have a lot of people that look at him and think that his behavior was just as, if not more egregious than Donald Sterling. But clearly the penalty should have been a little stiffer than a year, we all know that. Sarver his actions were reprehensible, it smears the franchise, it smears the brand, and the reality of the situation is he should be ashamed of his damn self.”

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NBA Players react to Robert Sarver’s accusations

Chris Paul

It turns out that the Suns owner has not only ticked off officials but also his own players. Chris Paul reacted to the punishment by saying the NBA “fell short” of what they possibly should have done. Robert Sarver’s actions have caused harm to over 70 individuals on whom the investigation was carried about with.

NBA’s big brother LeBron James also claimed that the league authorities were not strict enough against Sarver. Considering the situation, Sarver is a mere business associate of the league and if they choose to release him, the Suns go along with him too. It would not be a particularly smart idea as the team employees several NBA players too who would potentially lose their jobs.

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