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“They wanted the world for Donovan Mitchell” Charles Barkley on his “insider” conversation with William Wesley

Charles Barkley shares Insider's info on the Donovan Mitchell trade.

Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell, the star of the Utah Jazz, has been the focus of a lot of rumours this summer after being connected to a trade away from the Jazz. The guard has been sought after by the New York Knicks for some time, but most recently the Cleveland Cavaliers pulled off a dark horse and acquired the 3 time all star the trade however seems to have been a way for the Utah Jazz to get payback from the New York Knicks.

Donovan Mitchell

The trade, according to an NBA Insider, revealed that there were ill feelings toward the Knicks with how they behaved during the trade negotiations for Mitchell. For the longest time this off-season, It seemed that the New York Knicks would be the team that Donovan Mitchell would land on after requesting a trade from the Jazz. Charles Barkley on his show shared his take on the trade and revealed some insider info.

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Charles Barkley on the Donovan Mitchell trade

Donovan Mitchell

Former NBA All-Star Charles Barkley disclosed insider knowledge on the New York Knicks’ decision not to trade for three-time All-Star Donovan Mitchell. In a conversation with SiriusXM NBA Radio, Barkley reported speaking with Knicks advisor William Wesley. The Utah Jazz, according to Wesley, want the entire world in return for Mitchell.

Barkley on the show said “I’ll share some insider knowledge with you. I actually discussed this last night over dinner with World Wide Wes (William Wesley). I found it hilarious when I questioned, “So, why didn’t y’all make the trade?” “Oh guy, don’t believe the media hype, he warned. Jazz wanted my wife, my children, and my grandchildren. They were just trying to rip somebody off “

According to many sources, the Jazz were interested in RJ Barrett, Quentin Grimes, and the majority of the Knicks’ unprotected first-round choices. The Knicks were the favourites to sign him because of those assets. However, based on what Wesley informed Charles Barkley, it was most likely not the case.

Donovan Mitchell lands in Cleveland

Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland

After being acquired by Cleveland , Mitchell will now team up with fellow player Darius Garland and showed his excitement for the same , he even went to post a picture of himself as a child wearing the Cleveland jersey expressing his eagerness to hit the court with the cavaliers. Mitchell is one of the league’s finest at creating and converting off-the-dribble outside shots. Mitchell had a 50.9 effective field goal percentage on 9.5 pull up attempts a game last season. Among the 31 players who took seven or more pull up shots each game, that effective field goal percentage ranked eighth in the league. Last season, he converted 35.6% of his pull-up threes.

Mitchell is one of the league’s most dynamic two way guards. His ability to score efficiently from beyond the arc and in the restricted area ranks among the league’s finest. His skill set would help any team improve offensively, but especially one that was struggling in those areas. By bringing on Mitchell, Koby Altman and company have opted to go all in on this core. His skill level should be ideal for what this squad requires offensively.

While Cleveland may not have been the destination that Mitchell was expected to go to but it does seem like the star is happy where he ended up and the Cavs are now a heavy contender in the Eastern Conference with three all-stars and a young emerging star in Evan Mobley. The Mitchell-led Cavs will be a team to look out for this season.

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