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“He has no interest after impregnating” Tristan Thompson parties with OnlyFans model as Khloe Kardashian gushes over second baby

Read and know more about Tristan Thompson's possible new date.

Juanita JCV, Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian

Tristan Thompson is really trying his best to make it out of the league. As he really is giving fans more and more reasons to hate and criticize him. They are already trying their level best to get him canceled or land him in trouble for cheating on Khloe Kardashian who deserved no part of the drama. Tristan Thompson though is back in the NBA headlines and the reason again isn’t something related to the league he plays in. Instead, it’s an off-court story of his where he is caught with another woman and this time it’s an OnlyFans model.

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian

Tristan Thompson has already spoiled all of his reputation but he’s still not learning and his latest story just proved to the world how unloyal he is. Over the summer just two months ago Tristan Thompson was spotted holding hands with a mysterious woman in Greece. And, now we have Juanita JCV, an OnlyFans model linked with him. The news came in when he was spotted in West Hollywood on Wednesday night. Just after the season 2 premiere of The Kardashians, which has his paternity scandal and revealed his cheating skills.

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian were together since 2016 and have had lots of ups and downs in their relationship due to the cheating habit of the Bulls’ forward. The count for him cheating on Khloe is at least 5 right now and he has children with Maralee Nichols and Jordan Craig too. Recently, he had his second child with the T.V star via surrogacy before parting ways. That whole situation has been covered in the latest season as the young one got his T.V debut.

Tristan Thompson with Juanita JCV

There’s no doubt to the fact that Tristan Thompson is pretty shameless and now has really nothing left to lose after years of cheating which still continues. As on the same night when The Kardashians were airing his dirty and unloyal actions. He was out there with Juanita JCV, an OnlyFans model, and adding more names on the list to cheat on. As he really loses interest once he’s done on the bed and then ends up paying millions of dollars. Khloe Kardashian though has learned her lessons and is now out of it but the forward continues to scrap his basketball career.

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Are Tristan Thompson and OnlyFans model, Juanita JCV dating?

Juanita JCV

Tristan Thompson and Juanita JCV both attended the after party of Jack Harlow and were even seen together outside of the West Hollywood. They didn’t arrive together and it seemed like they are alone. But they were spotted leaving together in the back of an SUV as photos are viral all over the internet. It was the first time they have been spotted in public. So to claim or predict their relationship isn’t really possible yet.

Tristan Thompson’s image is completely ruined and if he didn’t get his mind back in the game and on the court. Then the same can be said about his basketball career as well. Right now he’s in the backup spots for the bigs of the team and can soon be shipped across to a new home. As his off-court stories have really limited the talent he has and now he struggles in the league despite being a top draft pick.

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